10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Celebrate Valentines Day

My views on Valentine’s Day and romance are very unusual according to some of my friends. However, one universal fact for anyone who is currently in a relationship… Valentine’s Day (the commercialized version of it anyway) should be celebrated every day, not just February 14th. However, for the sake of entertainment and pure culture tradition, let’s all get hype and excited because it’s the season to do so.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that with the romance bug in the air and everyone desperately seeking to get shot in the butt by cupid, there should be some healthy truth being pointed out. Not the kind of truth that haunts your mind like knowing that the majority of the people you know will all be having sexual relations at the exact same time on February 14th. I’m talking about the reasons why some of you shouldn’t celebrate this holiday. I’m so serious. Whether you are making yourself look crazy, you’re hating on others, or you are just not a good person, I’m listing the top 10 reasons why you should have a seat on V-day, probably permanently.

  1. 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Celebrate Valentines DayYou Can’t Afford It – Your money hasn’t quite bounced back since Christmas holiday. Right now you’re desperately waiting on that tax return with the hopes of taking care of your overdue bills. There is nothing wrong with falling back this year, to sort yourself out. If the person you love, can’t understand that, then he/she is basic. This is 1 day vs 364 others, it’s never that serious to get a IG picture.
  1. You’re Basic – You do the same stuff each year. You get the basic cheap candy, with the basic half dead flowers, and you do the same basic presentation by sending it to the job or school to flex in front of her friends. You’re basic. You haven’t deviated from this routine in a while and it’s always get you that basic sex that you love. You are so basic. This year, shake things up or keep pushing. We don’t need to see your basic IG pics to know that Valentine’s Day is not for you.
  1. You’re Not Worth it – If you really think about it, do you even deserve to have a Valentine’s Day? Have you been the best lover, nurturer, best friend, provider, admirer, companion to anyone? If you loved or dated yourself, would you really see yourself as a deserving person? If you haven’t done the fundamental stuff to being there for someone, showing your love, being honest, nurturing and providing in other ways than sexual, I wouldn’t dare spend my money on you. So, maybe do a good thing for someone and let them keep their coins while you just be a better person. Stop always looking for a gift to validate your purpose in your relationships.
  1. Is Your Situation Solid? If you are arguing every day, fighting, yelling and coming in and out of a love war, there are no chocolate, teddy bears, or edible underwear that can save you. You need counseling and/or a break up. Stop trying to put reality on pause by using major holidays to act as if there are no problems. Valentine’s Day is just a window of opportunity for everyone in the world to be on the same page, but you two have to be on the same page the entire relationship outside of those 24 hours. Don’t just do it because you don’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day, that’s kind of pathetic.
  1. You’re Not with Anyone – You don’t need to make a public declaration to the world that you will be dating yourself, loving yourself, or spending your Valentine’s Day with yourself. It’s perfectly ok to be alone for that day or any day, no need to explain your plans as to not look crazy. Because no matter what, you look crazy. You’ve been single on more days that Valentine’s day, so of course no one is looking for you to share any details or blush over your Bae. However, you feel guilty or insecure, so you make it known, “I’m loving myself tonight!” Don’t you love yourself every night? You don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day, because you love yourself every day not just on February 14th. I’m in a relationship and I love myself. We don’t get it but we get it. You have to say something, because you think that we’re going to throw it your face. We’re not. We don’t have time, we’re busy getting busy. Its ok single ladies, you’re fine.
  1. You’re Juggling Too Much – If you are in a relationship with multiple people, perhaps it’s time to sort that out and not celebrate. One, I would think it would be costly on you to purchase all these gifts, trips, and things…. But for the ballers, just be upfront and forthright. No need to have females getting made at each other for posting pictures of gifts that the same man has bought them, that wasn’t their father. Don’t cause chaos in the lives of others because your genitals like to multi-task. It’s not fair. Just opt out of the festivities until you determine the person worthy enough to get your full attention.
  1. You Don’t Know What It Means – Many people have their own theories behind the true meaning of Valentine’s Day and they recall, beatings, sacrifices, murders, and more. However, if you haven’t taken the time to do your own research then why are you going all out? Do you realize that you’re just buying gifts because you were told to, not because you actually believe in something about the holiday? Not to say that celebrating Valentine’s Day is wrong or not, but where do you stand on the issues. According to NPR.org: “From Feb. 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. The men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had just slain.” (http://www.npr.org/2011/02/14/133693152/the-dark-origins-of-valentines-day) How does that change your opinion about the holiday, or does it? Either way, taking the time to read up on certain things sets you apart from the sheep, just saying.
  1. You Don’t Take Care Of Your Children – It’s was so funny to me when a young lady I know came to me talking about what she better get for Valentine’s Day and how she is expecting this and that. I almost die listening to her go on and on about her expectations and how her man can do and get whatever she desired. When I asked about her child (one that she does not have custody of because she chooses to party and live free from responsibility), she shrugged her shoulders. Not the Kanye shrug, when I asked about your child? Wow. Why are you even thinking about Valentine’s Day, when you don’t know where your child is. Some people spend money on their man/woman but child support isn’t paid. You shave your vagina and buy lingerie, but don’t bathe your own child or get pajamas. No judgment, but doesn’t that sound like someone who needs to get their priorities together. I can’t.
  1. You Lover/Girlfriend/Significant Other Is Not Real – I love that movie “Her”, where the guy is dating his operating system. That relationship, despite it being between a man and his computer, was really dope in the beginning. They got each other and made each other happy. However, it was when they got wrapped up in the physical aspect of the relationship that problems came in. If you partner or valentine is a fake, inanimate, or prosthetic… perhaps you should hold off. This goes to people who have also decided to date people in their minds or are currently in a relationship with someone’s timeline. You are a stalker, not a mate. The authorities will catch up to you eventually. When they do, then you can be someone’s valentine… in jail. Chill out. Sit down, you don’t need to do so much this holiday, you’re alone.
  1. You Just Don’t Have To – I’m not in the greeting card business, and they will probably hate me for saying this. You don’t have to buy cards that don’t say how you really feel. You don’t have to buy candy, because everyone probably should lose weight anyway. You don’t have to get teddy bears and stuffed animals because no grown ass person should have that stuff in the bedroom anyway after a certain point. It’s all a waste. But do give love letters that you wrote yourself, do call, email and text sweet messages and your feelings. Do buy an edible arrangement, because they are cool and healthy, and delicious. Most importantly, do make love like it will be the last time, but do that every single time and not just on the fourteenth. The gifts aren’t what’s desired, it’s the passion and the feeling of being the most special person in the world to someone. People deserve that all year long, not just for this holiday.

Regardless, if you listen to my advice or not… be happy being who you are and living in your truth. You don’t have to do excessive things to impress people, who are probably doing excessive things to impress other people. Be who you are and authentic to yourself. If you can’t spend the money, don’t have a partner to celebrate with, or it’s not your thing, that’s ok. You shouldn’t feel pressured by society to do or feel something that is not in you or you’re not capable of.

I, on the other hand will be doing what I want. I’m getting dolled up, I’m primping, and I’m pampering myself, then I’m going to romantically tend to my man. I don’t believe that I should take without doing something special for the person I love. I firmly suggest that you don’t just sit there and think, it’s all about you. Enjoy yourself and get out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to spend so much money, either. Creativity, romance, and true love can go a long way these days, but the lazy people always feel like money fixes everything. Let ‘em live.

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day every one.


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  • February 13, 2015

    “You’re not worth it”, what a horrible and uninspiring thing to say on a day that makes single people feel bad about themselves anyway. Everybody is flawed, but that doesn’t make anyone unworthy of love!

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