14 Week Pregnancy Update with Baby Number #3 | GaptoothDiva Life Vlog

In this video, I’m updating you all about pregnancy week 5 to week 14 on my pregnancy with baby # 3. This 14 week pregnancy updates covers my emotions, the highs and lows of my symptoms, food aversions, cravings, and the emotional journey of my current pregnancy. It’s exciting, funny, and crazy all at the same time!


I love bringing children into this world, but actually going through the first three months of pregnancy isn’t any cake walk. You have to be a strong (machine type) woman to make it through the hardest month of pregnancy without complaint, and sometimes I question my strength. It was horrible feeling that awful when you really want to be happy and excited. Just the thought of going through that 12 weeks again, makes me scared out of my mind. In this 14 Week Pregnancy Update with Baby Number #3 | GaptoothDiva Life Vlog, I talk about the challenges I faced with not only my symptoms but also my emotions. Living with a house full of guys didn’t make it any easier, so the only thing I really had to lean on was my hope that a daughter was on her way to make this loneliness subside. It’s not that I don’t love my boys, but sometimes a lady needs a friend that understand what it’s like to be a lady. Here is to praying for a little girl of my own.

Check out this video, where I rant and rave about the exciting first trimester journey and beg you all to pray for an estrogen pumping Dollface little girl inside my womb. Thanks in advance for watching!

14 Week Pregnancy Update with Baby Number #3 | GaptoothDiva Life Vlog

I talk about…

Finding out I was pregnant

  • Falling asleep everywhere
  • Feeling extremely nauseous all the time while still being hungry
  • Realizing that with all the excitement of the Blogalicious conference, my period was over a week late

Decision to announce the pregnancy, then immediately regretting it afterwards because of what happened in the past

Struggling with fear and worried all the time

Getting the flu, being really sick, nauseous, and depressed

Losing a lot of weight and still not being able to eat like I want, causing me to be irritable

Caring for my other children while pregnant

Pregnancy Symptoms: Larger breast, nausea, fatigue, constant bathroom breaks, constipation, horny but not feeling sexy enough to have sex, dry skin, nail and hair growth everywhere, thirsty, hungry, headache, congestion, extreme emotional outburst

Appointment updates, ultra sound reveals only one baby, great heartbeat, gender reveal in January… hoping for a girl! Not wanting to front like that’s not what I want… because I do.

Trying to get my happy back and gain more energy to stay busy and less worried.

What to expect from here… more updates and post about the pregnancy, reviews, and etc.

Check out video directly on my channel here: 14 Week Pregnancy Update with Baby Number #3 | GaptoothDiva Life Vlog  https://youtu.be/Olr9o56Uw6E

love gaptoothdiva xoxo


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