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Pacman Featured on GaptoothDiva RadioJarrod Stefan Collier (born September 5, 1985), better-know by his stage name PacMan, is a rapper whose style is the exact opposite of street life, violence, guns or drugs. PacMan was born in Winterpark, Fl and was raised by his grandmother and mother in Tallahassee, Fl. He moved to Richmond, VA at the early age of 13 where he began to explore his love and passion for music. Jarrod ‘PacMan’ Collier has been described by many as colorful and ingenious with his musical style.

“Still Searching” released in Febuaray 2011, are the words used for the title of his group, “Split Personalityz”, first Album. “Still Searching” reached as high as 13 on Reverbnation‘s hip-hop charts for Richmond, VA in just about two months. PacMan has a motive to reach a broad audience and at the same time get the Richmond hip-hop scene to unite and put a stamp on the music industry.

As PacMan began to receive notoriety he created a group called Split Personalityz with a good friend of his, Wayne “Dertty” Sekerdy. The two imeditely began recording songs together and soley, and went on to release there first album “Still Searching”. In just under a year they have performed at countless venus including Richmonds well known venue, The National.

PacMan feels accomplished in his young hip-hop career and shows no signs of slowing down in his quest for greatness in the industry. One of his followers on twitter recently tweeted him “Ryde4mineEnt S/O to @PacMan_804 he is going to take the world by storm.” With strong influences from hip-hop heavy hitters such as 2pac, T.I., Eminem, JayZ, And LilWayne, PacMan strives to one day be known as one of the best.

Pacman Featured on GaptoothDiva Radio

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