Goddess Body Health Series w/ Angela Baker: A Vegan Lifestyle May Rid You of Severe Health Issues

Around this time of year so many people are interested in improving their lifestyle, their health, and let’s be honest…they want to look better naked. I am no exception to this, however this year I would prefer to make a permanent lifestyle change. It’s easy to jump on some trendy diet or detoxify, but harder to maintain it throughout the year. Who better to ask about detoxifying and changing your healthy eating habits, then a holistic health professional? Now don’t trip, if you look it up, you’d know that holistic health is just referring to the entire body, the whole person. Through healing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions holistic health professionals assist in helping us achieve optimal health and wellness. I decided to ask Richmond’s own Angela Baker to contribute information on the subject and answer some important questions about improving our lives and how the services and teachings she offer, can change us into better people inside and out. Angela was so thorough in her answers that we decided to make this a series. So check back often as we post information on a healthier lifestyle straight from GoddessBody herself, Angela Baker.

Today’s Question: You have gone from being plagued with various illnesses, to a vegan lifestyle. Do you suggest that women facing minor to severe health issues, change to a vegan lifestyle as well and why?

Vital nutrition from fresh foods is tantamount in any healing regimen.  The body exist as an optimal functioning entity only when each of its constituent parts are balanced, healthy & working in harmony within each of their own cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and ultimately the human form.  Everything you eat becomes a part of you.  Your body breaks down the components of each meal and then disperses the molecules amongst various cells for building, repairing, energy, etc.  The better the fuel you provide the body to utilize for its own process, the higher the chance of an optimal running human experience & lifestyle.

When you eat poor quality foods you provide your body with subpar constituents in which to run  regular body functions i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol levels, swelling, fat metabolism, hormone balance, etc. all become imbalanced as a result of imbalance in various organs & tissues, which then causes imbalance in organ systems due to the stress from a diet devoid of vital nutrients.

Another important aspect of consuming a vegan diet is the fact that animal flesh (so called ‘meat’) contributes to acidity in the body.  Different parts of your body operate at an optimal capacity in different environments.  For instance, the stomach is part of the digestive system, which includes the large & small intestines, the liver and pancreas.  In order for the stomach to break down the large macromolecules that make-up your food, it has to operate in an acidic environment.  Acid provides substantial heat and breaks things down quickly.  However the blood & lymphatic system (your so called “immune system” , “defense system”, i.e. white blood cells), are part of the circulatory system and display their optimal functional capability at a slightly alkaline or basic pH (the measure of whether of not something is acidic or basic). The pH of a liquid or environment is measured on a scale of 1 – 14.  1 is the most acidic, 7 is neutral, 14 is the most basic (alkaline).  The pH of the blood should be about 7.4, which is slightly alkaline.  This is precisely why we should consume foods that enhance and sustain that slightly alkaline state of our circulatory system.  The functioning of the circulatory system can create a state of health radiance or degeneration in the human body.  The circulatory system becomes polluted due to toxic compounds that were broken down from constant & consistent consumption of food that contributed to an acidic in environment in the body, such as animal flesh; chemical preservative laden boxed, “packaged”, long shelf-life foodstuff; canned lifeless foods; and Cow’s milk made for baby calves not adult humans. In order to rid the blood of such toxic dis-ease causing conditions, one must consume foods that provide cleansing, strengthening, & nourishing capabilities i.e. fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh organic grains, beans nuts, seeds, and Nut milks like almond and coconut milk.  Click here to view the actual pH scale with acid & alkalinity levels for your favorite foods!

pH scale with acid and alkalinity levels

Another contributing factor to the unnecessary/unhealthy consumption of Animal flesh is that it’s kept preserved by a host of chemical components in order to prevent the natural decay process that would take place if that same flesh were left outside on the sidewalk.  It is kept bright red for red meat or pale pink for chicken, with the addition of dyes and chemical acidic preservatives.  Then, guess what? You cook it!  Yep!  What happens when animal flesh on the road gets heated by the sun? It speeds up the decomposition process!  So, that’s exactly what you’re doing in your pot!  You speed up the decomposition of the meat by cooking it and the blood becomes light yellow PUS! ACIDIC ANIMAL PUS! And you got the nerve to call it “tha juices”!! LOL!

Don’t feel bad, I was there, everyday eating animal flesh acidic pus too!  And it contributed to uterine cyst and kidney issues, Anxiety & depression.  Animal flesh combined with other acid producing foods and drinks, and habits (smoking), create an overly acidic environment throughout the blood, then throughout the body creating dis-ease, ailments, and imbalances of the various organs and tissues.

The only things on God’s green earth that can truly aid in the healing process of the body’s natural self-regenerating abilities are plant-based remedial.  Plants i.e. herbs, vegetables, fruits, legumes, fresh grains, nuts, seeds, oils, all contribute an alkaline (basic) environment to the blood and cells of the body.  The fresher the more nutritional content and live enzymes are provided to the body.  Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body.  Meaning they make things happen faster & more efficiently.  The body has it’s own process for creating vital enzymes to aid in vital life processes, however, so does live fresh fruits & vegetables.  Live fresh fruits and vegetables are the only foods that provide enzymes in a vital form, which the body can assimilate to use in vital life functions.  This allows your body to operate with energy reserves instead of utilizing more of its own energy needed to processes food and information.  This creates an “energy surplus” which you usually see in people who consume a vegan, or plant based fresh food diet.  Everything becomes to run more optimally.  The food provides the body with building blocks that can optimally rebuild damaged organs or rid ailments/dis-eases.  These vital life foods provide whole-some whol-listic benefits as they are both strengthening, nourishing and rebuilding (vegetables), but also cleansing, detoxifying, and balancing of pH/temperature/water (fruits).  THEREFORE, if you are experiencing any ailment, this lifestyle when implemented properly, will always assist the body in its vital life recovering/healing process, and would be the first step towards optimal health & wellness.

Angela Baker GoddessBody Holistic Health Review on GaptoothDivaAngela Elizabeth Baker, Holistic Health Practitioner, Biologist, Herbalist, & Educator of the Holistic Sciences is a force in raising awareness & spawning positive action in the realms of healing the human form through leading a natural wholistic lifestyle. Having had her own battles with ill health, culminating at the young ages of 18- 21, ranging from fibroids, ovarian cysts, & kidney issues. She adopted a vegan diet, & learned of earths natural plant remedials to further assist the body in healing itself. After a year & half of ingesting Natural foods and herbs regularly, she successfully eradicated ALL forms of female disorders once residing in her temple. This spawned her to “live her making” as a holistic healer & educator, for the world at large. She is also a mother of 4 young children whom she home-schools along with her husband of 8 years.

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