36 Week Pregnancy Update with Husband for Baby Number Three

36 Week Pregnancy Update with Husband for Baby Number Three

In this 36-week pregnancy update, Hubs and I talk about the highs and lows of the third trimester. We touch on the pregnancy symptoms that have been affecting our marriage, our kids misbehaving, and how my pregnancy cravings are costing him more money than he ever thought he would spend. We are in our third trimester at 36 weeks, with only four weeks to go, and it’s been an uphill battle in this pregnancy to stay happy, sane, and on track. Watch as we laugh away the pain in this pregnancy update video.

36 Week Pregnancy Update with Husband for Baby Number Three

It’s humorous, how we can laugh at our pain, but we are truly blessed to be experiencing child-birth yet again.

Check out how inappropriate hubs is, how he describes intimacy and sex during pregnancy or how he makes up words to show how frustrated he is with how I describe my symptoms.
We share baby’s name  and the inspiration behind it and our new baby’s gender, which comes to no surprise at all.

Our tackle our feelings about sex and love during this trimester
and how we don’t want people to pressure us to have a girl.

It was fun talking about our experience thus far, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon. So stay tuned this wild ride called, 36 Week Pregnancy Update with Husband for Baby Number Three, is far from over.

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