5 Great Reasons to Stand Up For Yourself

5 Great Reasons to Stand Up For Yourself - The GaptoothDiva Show

Stand Up for Yourself –

to defend or support a particular idea or a person who is being criticized or attacked

So much has been happening in our culture and in our current environment, which has me thinking about the fact that we need to stand up for ourselves more online and offline. I’m talking about injustices and disrespect that occurs in our everyday lives.

Although in the past, I would usually clap-back hard, my methods were not always as constructive as I would like. These were my young and immature years, where I felt everything was mostly “dog-eat-dog”, and I was always ready and willingly to take people out verbally (and sometimes physically) just to make a point.

As I matured I learned to stand up for myself in more effective ways, in order to make a difference and to insight change positively. In these 5 great reasons to stand up for yourself, I touch on issues that are far beyond “killing people with kindness”, and learning how to not feel regret or guilt after educating people on how you deserve to be dealt with.

5 Great Reasons to Stand Up For Yourself - The GaptoothDiva Show

5 Great Reasons to Stand Up For Yourself

1. Build confidence –

After realizing that you have a voice, you can speak up, you will feel much more comfortable voicing your opinions and pointing our constructive criticisms. When faced with negative obstacles, you should voice that you deserve a certain level of treatment and service from those that are around you.

Reminding yourself that you are someone… and  person who is special, worthy, and deserving of fair and appropriate treatment.  By standing up for yourself, you show people that you value yourself enough to voice your concerns, by speaking up for yourself and standing up for what you believe in. Confidence comes from standing up for yourself.

Your actions make a declaration to the public, putting a voice to your values that people can’t take from you.

2. Shed light on injustice & disrespect –

Standing up for yourself opens the door for others to see that there are injustices and disrespect occurring around and near you. The act of standing up for yourself opens the eyes of others that can relate to you. There is potential in influence when you highlight the people and/or entities that are capable of unfair treatment, injustice, and disrespect.

By doing so, you show the world the individuals and businesses that are lacking in the area of customer service and friendship. By voicing your concerns, you put a spotlight on the negativity, forcing others to change their ways and do right by the public. Almost, like a whistleblower, you are ringing alarms to those who aren’t treating others right.

3. Set an example/ inspire others –

When you speak up and stand up for yourself, you put a face to an issue that may be affecting so many other people. Setting an example is a great reason to stand up for yourself. People will most likely follow up when they see your positive influence.

Your ability to stand up for yourself may influence others to stand up for themselves and resolve their concerns. Standing up for yourself could positively impact those who were probably afraid before. Your actions show a fearlessness that no one can take from you.

4. Set a precedent/a bar –

Your actions and behavior show people how to treat you. You show those that are violating the ethics of courtesy and respect, that there are people that will report them and their actions, in order to make things difficult for them to continue to treat others unfairly because things are not appropriate and fair.

Putting your voice and opinions out there, you inspire others and set the bar for fairness and just treatment. Standing up for yourself sets the bar for what to expect when dealing with you.

5. Teach a lesson to the accused –

When you stand up for yourself, you teach those around you, good or bad, how you deserve to be treated. You show others what you will do when things aren’t fair, and what to expect when you are faced with unfair treatment. You teach the accused violator that they will not get away with treating people wrong.

When you expose a person for their rudeness, disrespect, and inability to provide you a positive situation, you teach those watching how to use their own voice to stand up for themselves and seek justice. Onlookers are inspired by your ability to make change through your actions towards injustice.

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― Gina Greenlee, Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

Show up for yourself! Speak your mind and use your voice. Don’t hide behind the avatars and profiles pictures, but come from behind the screen and keyboard to speak up for a group that is being disadvantaged, not just yourself. It’s bigger than just ourselves when so many of us are experiencing so many defeats and obstacles that in the past we were afraid to change.

However, nowadays we are faced with many more difficulties than just a rude cashier at the clothing store. By using these reasons and overcoming our fears, others will be able to see the advantages of standing up for yourself.




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