5 Reasons to Love Fashion Night Out in #RVA

5 Reasons to Love Fashion Night Out in #RVA

On December 4th, 2015 I attended the 2nd annual Fashion Night Out (also marketed as the F.A.B 360 Fashion Affair) at the Ward Center for Contemporary Arts (http://thewardcenter.com/) in Petersburg, Virginia. This event curated by a creative group of individuals known as the F.A.B. 360 and headlined by two equally beautiful and talented designers Lakisha Green and Chrissy Crawford, promised to deliver glamour, talent, trendsetting designs and spectacular intrigue. A must attend event for anyone enthralled in the fashion, art, and beauty culture of Virginia and the DMV area, it’s easy to see and understand why anyone would love Fashion Night Out in #RVA.

Immediately upon arriving we were greeted by some of the team, warm smiling faces that transfixed the same excitement that was apparently buzzing all over social media about the event. Unlike, many other fashion shows, there is a heavy display of new styles and designs, mostly models of color, and a cultural appreciation that cannot be denied. Those who love fashion, who are passionate about design and styling, and possess creative abilities beyond what the mainstream has to offer, are all here in this room. We were just in time for the show to begin, as we patiently waited to be blown away.

5 Reasons to Love Fashion Night Out in #RVA 2015 by I'esha GaptoothDiva

I loved the atmosphere and the energy in the air. Better than the year before, the venue offered much more space and allowed the designs to play center stage to show attendees. Although a small show program or details card would have been beneficial, especially for those of us planning on writing about this awesome event, I still sat captivated by all of the designs that strutted down the runway. It was hard to hear the show’s host from the media section, so I was plainly focused on the visual aspect of the show and the incredible music mix by the DJ.

It’s event like these that make it easy to support one another in this area. There is so much talent and endowment in all of these incredible individuals that it was pretty hard to narrow in on a favorite. I loved each and every scene, especially those that featured one of a kind designs, and the particular one that featured vintage wears as well. I couldn’t decide, and quite frankly, I don’t believe I should have to. Knowing that so many wonderful designers came together to put on a positive and enlightening showcase for our community, is enough for me to say that they deserve our full support and acknowledgement.

5 Reasons to Love Fashion Night Out in #RVA (VIDEO)

This video recap below of Fashion Night Out #RVA 2015 (F.A.B. Fashion Affair) at the Ward Center for Contemporary Arts in (http://thewardcenter.com/ in Petersburg, Virginia) where emerging designers showcased the latest styles from their current collections. This event was curated by the F.A.B. 360 team and brought together to highlight those in the community within the fashion, art, and beauty community.
Check out the latest looks and trends on the runway and the local models adorned with these spectacular looks.

5 Reasons to Love Fashion Night Out in #RVA 2015 by I'esha GaptoothDiva

Opportunity for Emerging Designers to Showcase Their New Styles to Their Own Community

For those looking to work in fashion design and styling, this event platforms a perfect opportunity to learn and become a part of a community of people who will no doubt support you. F.A.B. 360 said during the event that they are purely about fashion, art, and the beauty community and those that enjoy and are passionate about it. I witnessed firsthand how they can take a simple concept and transform it into a huge positive event that benefits all of those involved. As an emerging designer or stylist, this event would a seamless opportunity to get your work in front of the very same community that will support you and love your creations. I know that I specifically love Runway Couture’s designer Chrissy Crawford and what she does with most materials, because of this I often recommend her when suggesting someone look for one of a kind silhouettes for special events. That, I’m sure happens with a lot of the other designers and stylist. You want to gain the support? Get connect with this community of people of color who live and breathe fashion and art, just like you.

The Latest Styles & Trends from Accessible Designers that You Can Relate To

This is the event to attend when looking for the latest styles and trends for you. There is no pair of eyes, staring at the runway saying to themselves “Where the hell would I wear that?” These are most often ready to wear designs that are relatable to the consumer and desired by this who came out to enjoy the festivities. These designers are real people, with realistic concepts about who their audience is. They understand the curves and body type of the demographic that supports them. The designers involved get it! Period. I have never witnessed pieces that looked as if the designer was tripping on acid and just thought that the walking piece of art would be a great idea. They understand that fashion isn’t a joke and they take their prospective body of work seriously. If you want ideas, designs that you love, and your own custom made pieces, this is the place to be for not only the inspiration but the connection to the individual who can make it happen. You get a front row seat to the master of your future wardrobe dreams.

Become Immersed In a Pool of Creatives Who Are Passionate About Their Work

For me, there is nothing more gratifying than the chance to be surrounded by other creative minds. It’s amazing the types of conversations you have with people who are not only passionate about their work, but the greater good of building with others. I remember a subtle instance where I said the concept of the fashion, art, and beauty community of color coming together under one roof on a consistent basis seemed like a dream. I’m so glad to see that dream become a reality, because although there are so many of us who love the industry and can contribute to it in our own way, it takes a village to really see that dream flourish and grown. Thankfully, there were people available and able to make that happen. Bringing a group of solid creative, beautiful, and dedicated individuals together under one roof to bring a fashion event like no other to the Virginia area, is so commendable. How could one not want to connect and network under those circumstances? Lakisha Green and Chrissy Crawford have a proven track record of positive events, add on the efforts of F.A.B. 360 and you have yourself a winning team. Surround yourself with those who love fashion, art, and beauty and build your village within a village, where ideas are shared and grown together, because if one eats – they all eat.

Fun, Fashion, & Inspiration

You have to come correct at the fashion event of the season. There are unwritten rules to this game. I loved seeing my people dressed up, looking amazing and highlighting their individual style all in one room. A friend of mine, was donning vintage and thrifted styles that looked seasonably appropriate, yet glamourous and star-studded. I loved his outfit and was proud to know him at that very moment. That’s what it’s about. It’s an event where your bank account and your labels aren’t in question, but your ability to make it work without the bullhorn of money behind you. Think about it! We are talking about up and coming & emerging designers here. Creativity is king, not labels or price tags. Its fun seeing all of my people styled right and showing their fashion skills, because this is the place to be for all of that. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead in the same silhouette from the last four events without one of the talented stylist hooking you up with some accessories or trimmings. Fashion Night Out is a place for inspiration, and to have fun. While enjoying the runway, and watching the latest styles walk down, I also couldn’t help but dance a little to the music myself. I laughed and cheered on my model friends, because they were indeed serving serious allure all night. The Fashion Night Out experience isn’t like anything else. If you aren’t equally captivated and entertained, you are definitely in the wrong place.


Support Your Community

Honestly, I want to see more events of this caliber for people of color in Virginia. As a woman of color, who loves fashion, style, and parties, I don’t think that there should be a limited amount of classy and creative events to attend that cater to my community. I get tired of the cut corners and back alley planning that usually ends up with attendees piling up in the side of a church or banquet hall uncomfortably in the dark looking at designers make it work. The local college and its affiliates shouldn’t have a monopoly over fashion events, and then not highlight designers of color or even more models of color. Some may not like my stance on the issues, but that is what it is. There are talented people right in our backyard, who are designing, curating, styling, and producing great work and content that should be both recognized and appreciated. Our community is not as small as many would like it to seem, and if we collaborated more often, rather than be intimidated by the hustle, beautiful things happen. Support your community. You may not be able to attend everything (neither can I). As a mother of 2 (going on 3), a wife, and a business woman myself, I try to make an effort when I can. My effort may extend to me showing up, or go as far as sending a recommendation someone’s way, but an effort is made. Don’t always assume you don’t matter in this huge equation of supporting your people. Fashion Night Out and the event surrounding it, not only puts faces to names and social profiles, but also gives you first-hand access to those doing their thing in the land of fashion, art, and beauty. Make your presence known and become a part of it. It’s your family as well.

love gaptoothdiva xoxo


Below is a list of the amazing designers that contributed to this awesome show and event. Please connect with them and support each one, as they all brought a unique talent to the table that is incomparable.

Fashion Night Out #RVA 2015 Designers

Tangee Massey Jones – Tangee’s Closet




Marcell Miller – Albert Miller Collection



Oneika Bristol – Oneika’s Closet (fashion stylist)




Chasity Burnette – 621 Couture




Corlette Dixon – Tough Cookie




Chrissy Crawford – Runway Couture








Chynesha Patterson & Kelli Neche




Lakisha Green – House of LelaMone




Bernard “Bump” Johnson – Semaj Clothing




5 Reasons to Love Fashion Night Out in #RVA

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