6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa

6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa by I'esha GaptoothDiva

Holidays are finally over and it’s an amazing time to start checking things off that infamous bucket list. Who doesn’t love taking some time off and exploring new destinations? One area of the world that is beginning to boom in tourism is the southern half of Africa. Most of the world’s population have a fairly flawed image of southern Africa, where the perception is that people still dwell in tribes and hunt lion with spears. The reality is that South Africa is an area with cosmopolitan cities, fabulous wildlife parks and beaches that rival any in the world. Below are just 6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa & the many locations you need to consider when planning a trip to the south of Africa:


The Garden Route:

Road trips might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a road trip up the Garden Route is a different story altogether. The route is located along the southern coast of South Africa, and hosts a bundle of seaside towns and attractions. There are also a ton of activities along this route. The world’s highest bridge bungee jump can be found on the Bloukrans Bridge, while you can walk with elephants outside the town of Knysna and can try out whale watching tours in the town of Hermanus. There is also the option of beach exploring, as some of the beaches carry the most serene settings. Dolphins are quite prevalent up the coast and it is quite common to witness a pod swimming around at any given beach. The weather along the coast reaches temperatures of 35 degree Celsius from November to April which is definitely the time you want to go. The change in climate as you progress up the coast is also something to behold. Simply one of the best road trip experiences in the world.


6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa

Mozambique Cruise:

Mozambique was a country embroiled in a civil war during the late 70’s to the early 90’s, however it is now a country at peace and looking to build its tourist base. A coastal country with a tropical climate, Mozambique provides a fantastic setting for what is fast becoming a very popular cruise ship route. Passengers board in the South African city of Durban and depart on a round trip of the Mozambican coast. Unlike the cruises in the Caribbean and Mediterranean the ports are not flooded with tourists and remain very much immersed in the Mozambican culture. The cruise also stops off on Portuguese Island, which is territory of Mozambique. The untouched feel of white sandy beaches and water so clear it could serve as a swimming pool create an absolute sense of tranquility. Marine life is also rife in these waters, as passengers have the option of snorkeling and exploring the reefs. One almost gets the feeling that all the passengers are exploring untouched lands together as the ship continues on its journey.


6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa

Cape Town:

Known as ‘The Mother City’, it was just off the coast of Cape Town that Nelson Mandela served part of his 27 years in prison on Robben Island. Tours from the city to the island are very accessible and are definitely one of the city’s most popular attractions. The city itself is one that would take any tourist by surprise, as the backdrop of Table Mountain and oceanic surroundings present an almost surreal feeling. You’ll find no other city in the world with such a setting, and you’ll also be hard pressed to find one with the amount of activities the city hosts. As the city is surrounded by beaches there are some amazing settings, with superb restaurants and bar overlooking stretches of beach. Certain beaches, such as Boulders Beach, let you get close to penguins which swim around you if you take a dip. The V&A Waterfront is also a must. A large designer shopping mall lies in the city harbor, where restaurants, activities and authentic African shops can be browsed at leisurely speed. It’s also a city where people like to get active. The mountain range lends itself to hiking, mountain biking and paragliding, while the sea gives a platform for kayaking, boat cruises, surfing and just kicking back on your beach of choice. If you really want to test your nerves you can even try out shark cage diving in False Bay. Be sure to take your camera when visiting this metropolis, simply because there are just too many sights that will become favorites in your photo album.


6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa

Sun City:

There are very few resorts in the world that jam-pack so many activities into one location. Set in the heart of the African bush, and an hour west of the city of Johannesburg, Sun City is a place that has something for everyone. It has its own private wildlife park where visitors can view all the African wild animals known to man, including lion and elephant, while the no. 1 ranked golf course in South Africa is also located on the resort. Perhaps most exhilarating are the water slides which will really get the heart pumping. While kids toil with the slides the parents can take in some rays on the man-made beach called ‘Valley of the Waves’. There are also a selection of shopping malls, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, sports and adventure activities. A large draw to Sun City are the casinos, as these are a big attraction for high rollers and gambling enthusiasts. People aren’t really interested in online gambling sites such as MobileCasinoCanada.ca in South Africa, and therefore the casinos are heaving almost every night of the week. For however many days you choose, be prepared for a holiday of fun.


6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa


6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa by I'esha GaptoothDiva


Zambezi River:

This river will give you a chance to visit either the country of Zimbabwe or Zambia, or both if you so wish. The reason being is that it acts as a border in separating the two nations. The core attraction of the Zambezi are the Victoria Falls, known as the largest waterfall in the world for the amount of water that tumbles over the cliff each year. The sound and energy emancipating from the falling water is unbelievable, while the falls themselves are a sight that needs to be seen to be fully comprehended. There are plenty of resorts on either side of the falls, and wildlife viewing is highly popular in the area. Another activity the river offers is white water rafting. Some people might want to rather watch this happening from the river bank as a few of the rapids can get pretty hairy, but if you have the stones then give it a bash. The speed at which you descend the first rapid will leave your heart in your mouth, and remember to wear sunscreen as the African sun is not to be taken lightly. This area of the continent is one of the most majestic you’ll find in the land.

6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa


Last on the list we find Namibia, perhaps best known in popular culture as the place where Angelina Jolie gave birth to her and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh. In today’s travels we are often hesitant to give up our mobile devices and escape the addictions of social media, however if you feel like giving it a go then Namibia is definitely for you. It is possibly the most remote country in the world, basically consisting only of desert. The landscape is simply jaw-dropping, as wildlife can be seen migrating along red sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see. A very popular activity is quad biking or motorcycling through the routes in amongst the desert dunes and camping at night. By night it would also be possible to travel due to the stars burning so bright they illuminate the roads. It would be very hard to get closer to nature than on a trip to this country, as it is loaded with game. The food you eat here is also as African as you will find, consisting of various meats such as kudu, Eland, Springbok and many others. It might be remote but cities like Windhoek and Swakopmund are great places to get started and see what desert adventures could be for you. In today’s busy environment it is well worth it to go on holiday to see how easy life can be.


So, I hope these 6 Amazing Reasons to Love a Trip to South Africa are enough to get you started on planning your fun, culturally rich trip to the beautiful lands of South Africa with the family. Forget about what you’ve heard and go see for yourself, as this could be the experience of your life.

What other awesome things do you look forward to seeing on your quest to South Africa?

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    January 14, 2016

    I would love to visit Africa very, very soon. Just the other day my daughter came to me and told me that she wanted to visit Africa. She is seven years old and that indeed was a proud mommy moment. Africa is a beautiful, beautiful continent.

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