Imaginative and Creative

As a lifestyle blogger and content creator, it’s important that I’m able to use my creative muscles for new and interesting content.

Remarkable Style

Thrifting has always been my favorite thing to do. It is through style,  that I show those on a budget how to make a fashionable dollar stretch.

Supreme Blogger

With a love for blogging, I share authenticity and humor through lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, and beauty content.

Passionate & Driven

As a mental health advocate, I’m passionate and driven to ensure that we end the negative stigma associated with mental illness for good.

About Me & My Work

Get to know me!

If you’re like me then you’re a Millennial Mom & Entrepreneur interested in developing creative strategic plans towards a progressive work/life balance, innovative income generating opportunities, and incredible mental health & wellness.

I understand the challenge of being a loving wife, a nurturing mom to three boys, a successful lifestyle blogger & entrepreneur, a dedicated change-maker, all while at optimal physical and mental health. I also know the stigma associated with being a Black Woman living with mental illness.

I operate a non-judgmental but explicitly authentic platform that is resourceful for those raising families and running businesses while living with stress, anxiety, depression, and/or mental illness or mood disorders. Through fun reviews, motivating content, tips & tutorials I advocate through fashion, culture, beauty, & lifestyle

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Lifestyle, Fashion, & Mental Health

Through the blog, I highlight how to balance your business, family, social life, and mental health. The purpose is to showcase the lifestyle of an African-American millennial mom, wife, and entrepreneur while providing motivational support to others in my demographic

Author & Speaker
Mental Health Advocate

Mental Health and Wellness support for those living with mental illness and/or mood disorders. Resources and tips for those seeking information on how to live, work, & thrive while in mental health recovery.

Thrift & Vintage Enthusiast
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Fashion and style tips + Thrift and Vintage styling services for unique trendsetters on a budget. Dresses from numerous eras of fashion and upcycled accessories. Nostalgic and modern looks for sizes 2 – 24.

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