How to Easily Lifestyle Blog & Overcome A Powerful Mental Illness

You’re in the right place if you are a mom/entrepreneur (or Lifestyle Blogger) who faces difficulty and pressure to be the proverbial “Superwoman” for those that you love.

I have a passion for supporting other moms and entrepreneurs on amazing opportunities to improve their mental wellness, reach their profit goals, and develop a better quality of life both personally and professionally.

The pressure of mental health challenges, stress, and/or depression isn’t the end of your story.

It is my mission to support those struggling with mental health & entrepreneurship utilizing my skills, knowledge, and passion for overcoming the stigma associated with such challenges.

Through research, services, and resources, I plan to coach millennial moms & entrepreneurs to develop creative and strategic plans towards a progressive work/life balance, innovative income generating opportunities, and incredible mental health & wellness.

I'esha "GaptoothDiva" Hornes
Lifestyle Blogger, Author, Virtual Assistant, Brand Strategist, & Mental Health Advocate

If you’re like me then you’re a Millennial Mom & Entrepreneur interested in developing creative strategic plans towards a progressive work/life balance, innovative income generating opportunities, and incredible mental health & wellness. It’s a lot. I know.

I understand the challenge of being a loving wife, a nurturing mom to three boys, a successful lifestyle blogger & entrepreneur, a dedicated change-maker, all while at optimal physical and mental health. I also know the stigma associated with being a Black Woman living with mental illness.

I operate a non-judgmental but explicitly authentic platform that is resourceful for those raising families and running businesses while living with stress, anxiety, depression, and/or mental illness or mood disorders. Through fun reviews, motivating content, tips & tutorials I advocate through fashion, culture, beauty, & lifestyle.

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Lifestyle Blogger & Content Creator

As a Lifestyle Blogger & Digital Content creator, it’s all about living an awesome life, doing the things I love with people I love even more. I’m in love with my best friend and husband of 13 years, so I’m always looking for fun and interesting ways to keep our marriage air tight, all while being an awesome mother (if I say so myself) to three small boys.

I feel so blessed to have these guys in my life.

I also share my personal conflict with self-esteem, overcoming past trauma, and the journey of my physical & mental health transformation to mental health recovery.

I deliver tips, tutorials, and ideas for millennial moms and entrepreneurs that provide solutions to personal and professional challenges. It’s my mission to help those struggling to juggle all her hats while managing, owning, or operating her business or building her brand towards an improved creative lifestyle.

It’s my passion to support moms and entrepreneurs in developing strategies towards independence through entrepreneurship, confidence, happiness and overall wellness.

Whether or not you are personally affected by mental health challenges or you’re the supporter of someone in recovery, I lend insightful knowledge and resources.

Blog post, video content, podcast episodes, reviews & photography all containing content centered on the opportunities and challenges associated with a creative mental health lifestyle. (From the perspective of an African American mother of three)

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Virtual Assistant & Brand Strategist

As a Virtual Assistant & Brand Strategist, I enjoying supporting moms and entrepreneurs in developing strategies to organize their personal and professional worlds, contributing to a better quality of life.

You have a lot on your plate. You’re a boss, right? Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could help take some task off your list so that you can eat?

I understand the struggle with trying to be an awesome wife, a nurturing mother, and a business boss chick to be reckoned with. It’s always a hustle, but I aim to make it easier with practical tips and advice for both moms and entrepreneurs who rather have a DIY approach to navigating life’s challenges.

I also offer services and assistance to the mom and entrepreneur who would love the (virtual) assistance for both her personal and professional needs, so that she can spend more time creating, networking, building her empire, or being with family/friends.

No one has a virtual assistant that will also encourage them, motivate them, and provide creative solutions for innovation. I’m your brand’s best friend.

Mental Health Advocate & Peer Support Specialist

As a Mental Health Advocate, I understand the emotional challenges that are faced by both the individual and the families impacted. I’ve seen the effects of ignoring the issues and covering the inconveniences with drug and alcohol abuse.

I know what it feels like to lack adequate support and knowledge on how to maintain a productive lifestyle when diagnosed with a mental illness. I understand the almost impossible task of trying to seek treatment, while not being stigmatized at the same time.

The impacts of mental health stigma keep millions of Americans from seeking adequate care for mental health illnesses and mental health disorders. This huge obstacle led me towards a purpose of helping others recover and grow through community support and resources available.

This huge obstacle led me towards a purpose of helping others recover and grow through community support and resources available.

I’m dedicating efforts to being there for those in support of sufficient mental health care modification, more programs to aid those with mental health conditions and their families, and opportunities for those impacted to find adequate work, entrepreneurship, or educational development.

Thrift & Vintage Fashion Expert

For years, I’ve considered myself a Thrift and Vintage Style Expert.

My passion for eclectic thrifting and vintage apparel and décor led me to share with other enthusiasts who see treasure in previously loved thrift apparel, accessories, and décor.

By frequenting the best thrift stores near me, meeting new people, and traveling to unfamiliar locations, I’ve curated an awesome collection of dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, jumpsuits, and other thrift clothing and vintage merchandise that women love.

I developed an online thrift clothing store (second-hand store/resale shop) dedicated to styling unique trendsetters (not trend followers) for all their professional and casual events.

Shopping at thrift stores can be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and often challenging.

I take the effort and work out of shopping for stylish thrift store finds and vintage clothing without the jacked up pricing.

Other services included are local delivery and personal shopping. I love thrifting and shopping for vintage clothes, so to help others, I share my thrift and vintage looks on my blog and channel.

I also provide tips and tutorials on how to thrift shop, what clothes to look for at thrift stores, thrift store deals, and thrift outfit ideas.

I shed light on the importance of supporting local thrift stores, and how local thrift shops and online thrift stores can contribute to improving the lives of those impacted by mental illness, homelessness, and job loss, as well as the environment.

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