7 Powerful Reasons Antipsychotic Medications Are So Awful

7 Powerful Reasons Antipsychotic Medications Are So Awful

Let’s start off with the fact that I’ve been taking antipsychotic medications for about 7 months now. If anyone who has ever been prescribed any medication at all knows it’s not fun. You may solve one problem, but the truth is there are those pesky side effects.
Side effects are the price you pay for taking antipsychotic medications. If someone tells you that they have a prescription with absolutely no side effects, they’re lying. It’s the changes that happen to your body after you ingest chemicals to help balance your psychotic challenges.
I had some challenges, I took the medication. However, I’m now admitting to the powerful reasons anti-psychotic medications are so awful. For me, the medicine helps me with my mood, my racing thoughts, paranoia, and problem sleeping & functioning throughout the day. But with those subtle improvements came a large dose of issues I can’t stand.
The issues I’m experiencing with antipsychotics; the weight gain, the fatigue, the muscle soreness, and hair loss, I’m asking myself are they really worth it?
It’s important that I function daily, despite my mental illness. I don’t want days and weeks filled with depression, dark rooms, laying in the bed, crying and self-loathing. There is nothing fun about thoughts of suicide and how I’m never good enough. The medicine helps with that. I admit it.
Nevertheless, functioning daily under antipsychotics means living in a shell of myself, one in which it would be difficult to exercise, diet, sleep and perform my duties as a mother and significant other. I can’t have that. That’s not a life for me.


7 Powerful Reasons Antipsychotic Medications Are So Awful

Currently, I’m seeking holistic and more natural ways to get the same results as my medications. I also am participating in various therapies to help improve my cognitive functions. All while weaning myself slowly of the dependence of medication.
Until then, I’ll share 7 Powerful Reasons Antipsychotic Medications are so awful in my experience. It’s not to say that you are making the wrong decision in taking your prescriptions. Like me, I encourage you to do what’s best for overall mental health and wellness.

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This is just a summary of what I experience currently:

  • Certain medicines make you insatiably hungry. It’s out of your mind how starving you feel, even when you’ve just eaten.
  • To take certain medicines you have a certain caloric intake. If it’s too low, you’ll end up throwing up everything you ate and the medication you took. Since both of this is a waste, let’s add that watching your diet or what you eat is impossible sometimes.
  • Let’s say that you do somehow get to keep your food down, weight gain will definitely step into the way when trying to lose pounds and feel healthier. It seems like no matter what you do, you can’t get the pounds off. You’re too hungry, too nauseous, and frustrated to fight this.
  • I know what you’re thinking, what about exercise? Well, that’s when that one medication that works so well for you, also delivers you fatigue.
  • Now that you’re taking these antipsychotics, imagine what it’s like trying to travel and get around. A handful of medications tells you on the bottle not to operate heavy machinery, will cause dizziness, etc.
    6. The moment you mention that something is wrong with your dosage, or even the medicine as a whole, you’re prescribed something else. It’s either added to your current prescription or removed and replaced with something you’ve never heard of because studies show that people like you need it. You’re left with 9 pills you take daily and a 60/40 chance of vomiting them up every day.
  • Through all these wonderful experiences, you should get better and be well into your recovery. That’s great! However, live with dry month, tearing up in the eyes, tremors, and lack of sleep, appetite changes often, weight gain, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, muscle soreness, and a slew of other issues that I can’t remember now. It awful!


It’s been a rollercoaster ride of pain and discomfort for an issue that is mental. That should say something. I’m challenged every day in order to live with my mental illness; it has taken me to my limit of discomfort and frustration.
If you are ever considering medication of any kind, make sure to do your research on everything. Look it up for your own piece of mind before you ingest something that will ultimately change your body and mind. Don’t just take someone word for it.
I’m going to take you on a journey of me changing my eating habits, my lifestyle and exercise routine and slowly wean myself off of the medications. I pray that you can join me and we become successful together.

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