Ask Me Anything: 6 Answers to Your Questions about Black Women with Blonde Hair (video)

Just so you know, I constantly deal with naysayers, critics, and conspiracy theorist on a daily basis. I probably deal with these type of people more often than necessary, because my job is to inspire people. Therefore, the majority of the people that I tend to spend time with, are the ones that haven’t yet saw the possibilities. So, I use my God-given talent of motivating them and changing their (closed) minds. However, every once in a while it seems like I’m the one that may need motivation. There is always someone trying to convince me that what I’m doing, wearing, or saying is just too different for them. Lately, the big topic has been my hair color. Apparently, by wearing my hair blonde, I’m doing what most people describe as bold, loud, ghetto, and different. I guess, by being a brown skin African American woman, mother, and wife, blonde hair is a taboo topic among certain groups of people.

Below is a list of questions that some of you have asked me over the past year about my dark skin and blonde hair combination, that I have acknowledged and answered on more than one occasion. Included, you’ll have my answers to the questions. The answers are honest and straight to the point. I don’t feel like I should be fake about my genuine response, so please don’t immediately jump into your feelings. Nevertheless, if you ask certain questions, you’ll get a certain answer; I’m tired of being put into a labeled box for others comfort. So here we go…

GaptoothDiva Blonde Hair Doesn't Mean I Wanna Be White Video

The 6 Questions and Answers about Black Women with Blonde Hair…

 “Are You Trying to Be Like NeNe Leakes ( RHOA)?”

  1. Every Black woman (especially a dark skin or brown skin woman) with Blonde hair does not want to be NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality show. The fact that this is the first name that came to your mind, not only shows how limited your actually knowledge of African American role models, it displays that you may have an addiction to reality television.

 “Nobody Told You That Dark (Black) Girls Shouldn’t Wear Blonde Hair?”

  1. Has no one told you that slavery and segregation ended a long time ago? How can someone say that a certain race and skin tone can’t wear a certain hair color? Tell me more about how you have succumb to colorism, and want to regurgitate what some self-hating person has told you, I’m listening.

“Is It True That Only Strippers/Prostitutes/Female Music Artist Who Are Black Wear Blonde Hair?”

  1. No, that’s not true. However, it may be true that ignorant people just say ignorant sh*t. It’s frustrating how I’m, being labeled by the color of my hair. Yet, you would probably be offended if I labeled you by the content of your conversation. If I’m a Stripper/Prostitute/Female Music Artist because of my hair color, than you will be labeled an idiot until you buy me a new box of hair color. Even then, you still may be an idiot because of your close-minded beliefs.

“How Do You Get the Courage To Dye Your Hair Blonde? I Couldn’t Do It!”

  1. Its hair color. It’s not a strategic move in battle that led me to the front lines, chill out. The fact that you only do what is safe, what is approved by your peers, and what you know won’t raise eyebrows, has nothing to do with me. I wear what I want, regardless of these unwritten rules that you live by. I’m not being bold by coloring/bleaching my hair, I’m me. However, why you wouldn’t be able to make the same moves if you so choose to do so? Find out why you are so limited and the reason that you consider a hairstyle a bold move.

“Do You Still Consider Yourself Natural If Your Hair Is Blonde?”

  1. I sure do! Other than bleaching my hair to achieve this awesome hue of golden blonde and 613, I don’t use anything else to achieve the texture. I’m kinky curly, without a relaxer of any kind what’s so ever. No perms, texturizers, or anything. That to me is natural. Color is color. However, altering the texture of your hair is what changes it from natural to “not so natural”. I really don’t care to be labeled in the terms anyway, it’s only for the comfort of other people anyway.

“Do You Want to be White?”

  1. * See the Below video…

Check out This Video: Just Because I’m Blonde Doesn’t Mean I Want to Be White – Black Girl/Natural Hair Problem

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In this video I discuss the common misconception and myth regarding brown skin (African American) women who dye/bleach their hair (natural, weave, etc.) blonde. Many believe that an African American woman is blonde may not love herself, she’s not happy being African American, and she wants to be White.


I have been natural for several years, often wearing protective styles such as wigs, weaves, and braids. However, during the summer months I enjoy wearing my natural hair whether I cut it or grow it out.


I like the bright blonde hair color with my brown skin.


What I don’t like about my hair, is the attention that it attracts from ignorant people stereotyping me and attempting to label me or put me in a box. Whether my hair is blonde, black, red, or whatever I decide, I am not my hair. My hair is an accessory.


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So that’s it. LOL

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Being Black and blonde isn’t easy people. Just be yourself and don’t worry about the stereotypes and labels that people try to impose on you. If you love it, then do it. Be you!

Can African American Women Can Wear Blonde Hair In Your Opinion? Is It Only For White or Lighter Skin Women?

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