@BlackRVA Connects A Diverse Group Of Richmonders With Music, Not For Fame and Profit But For Change and Inspiration



At a networking event, someone may come to you to inquire about your business and how you are making ends meet day-to-day.  When you explain that you plan to be a resource for the people of your city. However you may not want to charge them an arm and leg to accomplish that, they may look at you strange. MiMi of BlackRVA is used to that reaction. She has worked diligently, networking and connecting through out Richmond, not for her own personal gain but for Black RVA. Her goal is to be a resource for Richmond, Virginia‘s Black community to get information regarding events, community programs, historical landmarks and sites, businesses and entrepreneurs, and many other things. In a space where most often you need to pay to get listed or be included, MiMi’s intentions are not to step on anyone’s toes. Her goal is to provide something for those of us who may not be able to afford to pay dues or fees to give our business that platform that we may deserve.

By bringing various artist together to create this video, not only did she evoke so much emotion from me in particular, but I believe that she may have said what many of us have often dreamt. Through the melodic sounds of so many talented artist, the message was so loud and clear it resonated a feeling of hope and power by just watching it. The world won’t get any better, if we just let it be. We discuss change and making a difference, but that rat race for financial gain (and for some,  popularity) clouds the very creativity and innovation of even the strongest entrepreneurs. It’s hard out here. Especially in a city where it seems like everyone wants to be an icon for their cause, hoping to make a name for their family and their neighborhood. We live in a time where purpose is faded by profit, and passion is lost. It’s no longer about what difference you can make but the difference between their followers and yours. BlackRVA is not about that. On many occasions I’ve talked to MiMi and her desire to give this city a face-lift is so apparent that, you do have to wonder where all that passion comes from. It’s a contagious feeling that you want so desperately to rub off on you and so many others who take their platforms, their talent, and their abilities for granted. Talented folks who just perpetuate all the things that our younger generations &  youth should be banned from. Where do we go from here?

It is my belief that we should support BlackRVA to the fullest. From Community Volunteer events to Meet Yo Tweet, and various other projects, BlackRVA is proving to be a staple you want to be connected to. If you are desiring a better Richmond, then what are you waiting for… contact her today.


Directed By Wesley Rose @wesleyrosephoto Produced by Mimi Edited by Lost Artistry @LostArtistry

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Audio Produced by Amzi Jackson Audio Engineer Paul Brusky ( In Your Ear Studios )

-Special thanks to-

In Your Ear Studios New Millenium Studios Untitled Music and Media Peace Clothing Community 50/50 Lost Artistry Shoeicide Richmond Preparatory Academy Faith and Family Church DJ Lonnie B
The City Of Richmond
Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes

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