Want More Money? Become an Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur Store Review by GaptoothDiva)
Want More Money? Become an Entrepreneur

It’s a life filled with risk and sometimes, no returns. This life isn’t something most people anticipate, even if they’ll never admit it. The life of an entrepreneur isn’t always glamorous and there are no quarterly promotions and raises, just because you’ve been working for...

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5 Great Reasons to Stand Up For Yourself - The GaptoothDiva Show
5 Great Reasons to Stand Up For Yourself

Stand Up for Yourself – to defend or support a particular idea or a person who is being criticized or attacked So much has been happening in our culture and in our current environment, which has me thinking about the fact that we need to stand up...

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How to Overcome the Challenge of Post-Partum Depression
How to Overcome Postpartum Depression in 6 weeks

Talking about going through the challenge of postpartum depression as a black woman and mother of three. It's not easy talking about depression, mental illness or your personal struggles. Being that vulnerable, especially after giving birth could definitely leave you open for hurtful comments and...

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Beach Casual

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African Shower

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How To Transform Women Into Leaders Like A Professional with Dr. Shantell Malachi on The GaptoothDiva Show
How To Transform Women Into Leaders Like A Professional

Back in March, I had the distinct pleasure to interview with Dr. Shantell Malachi of Richmond Virginia, Founder & Executive Director, Dress for Success Central Virginia, Chief Executive Officer at SheEmpowers™ International, Author of “Career Couture: The Modern Guide to Redefining Your Career” available on...

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