Learning How To Motivate Yourself [WATCH]

I want to talk to you about inspiring yourself. When it comes to motivation, you have to first learn how to motivate yourself. You can’t assume that the people in your life will be there to motivate you, every single time that you need it....

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I'esha gaptoothDiva delivers Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward
How to Overcome Obstacles and Move Forward

In the video I talk about overcoming your obstacles, living through your past, getting rid of everything that is bothering and dealing with life challenges. Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward | GaptoothDiva Advice Own you part in the challenges you face and determine...

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Love Yourself In spite of Your Obstacles and Flaws

You have to inspire even when it’s not in you. Everything around you can feel like it’s crumbling down, the walls are caving in and if it’s not one problem it’s another. How we deal with pressure and chaos, says so much about us. To some people I know, these type of situations can make them run away. Even the most intelligent and talented people fail, not because they don’t try, but because they can’t handle adversity, difficulties, and stress. They give up when the chips are down, and lean on the fact that at least they tried. They don’t see it through until the end, thinking that the starting line was enough.

I can’t be one of those people. I face problems every week that would probably kill the average person. Suicide is not on my mind. I made promises to not only my family and the people that care about me, but also to myself. It serves me nothing positive to give up. I want to spread the message of self-love and confidence to every single heart and mind that doesn’t know. However, when life takes its punches and jabs, it’s not always easy to keep that motivation up… but in the face of turmoil, you must fight through. It’s a selfish thing to continue on the mission, even when your own life is troubling you. Nevertheless, you never know who needs you. You never know who you can help or uplift, what people are struggling with, or how something you do can save someone else.

The concept of Flawesome, has been talked about for almost a year now. It’s not about saying that you should highlight your problems, but be proud that despite them you can still be amazing. The high points of this year, has definitely been appreciated, but it was persevering through the low points and still winning that I’m most proud of. I know that there are people out there that don’t know what they are capable of. They don’t see what we see when we look at them and say to ourselves, “Man, they could be doing this and they should do that…” We hold off on our emotions, thinking that someone else should already know. Never realizing that this person here, could really need you to say that to them. They may desperately need someone to step in and say “I believe in you enough for you to walk fearlessly in your purpose. Even when other people don’t, I do”. That’s it. That’s Flawesome. That’s the mission to be there to look beyond what other people don’t have and tell them you still believe in them.

Flawesome the world

Holiday Blues: How to Survive an Un-Happy Holiday

This year we have seen our fair share of depression and how not talking about it can lead to many questions down the road from people thinking “I wondered what happened and what was going on?” Depression is a serious matter, often brushed under the rug or diagnosed as a phase. Although I advocate whole-heartedly about the value of prayer and faith, for those not easily “fixed” by such rituals, it’s kind of hard to get through depression… especially during the holidays.

For me, the holidays are supposed to represent the family being connected, the birth of Jesus Christ, and settling down to celebrate our gratefulness for the joy, peace, and happiness we received all year. Apparently, I watch too much television. Yes, we all love presents, who doesn’t? However, Christmas isn’t supposed to require that we all buy gifts for every single person in our lives just because there is a special sale going on at XYZ big box store.

Flawesome Academy November 2014 – The Gift of A Testimony & Loving the Real You

I totally appreciate everyone that came out to this past weekend’s Flawesome Academy Workshop at Dogtown Dance Theatre in Richmond, Virginia. This event is dedicated to motivating and inspiring the community through artist, speakers, and entrepreneurs in the local area. It is our social responsibility to sow seeds into our community, educating and empowering others to not only love themselves, but to overcome some of the same obstacles and pitfalls that we may have experienced. It is through our challenges and trials that we can even be qualified to be mentors, motivators, and inspirational role models to others.

The Problem with Transparency

Sometimes, I don’t know what I was thinking. Starting a business based on my personality, my lifestyle, and my ideas. Drawing attention to my life, my family, and the struggles that I endured. I even wrote a book detailing some of my past indiscretions and...

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