– GaptoothDiva Radio – Motivation: How to Train Your Brain and Boost Learning with Authors Nicky VanValkenburgh and Nancy Campbell Tonight at 9pm EST
Michael Millions featured on GaptoothDiva.com
GaptoothDiva Radio – Interview with Author of “Living The Difference“ J.C. Knudson on understanding and accepting the LGBT community Ft. Music by RVA Artist, Michael Millions Tonight at 9pm EST.

Here at GaptoothDiva.com, I pride myself on my ability to be open minded and accepting of diverse groups of people. However, I feel there are certain things that we shouldn’t have to actively caution ourselves to accept, it should be something organic and natural. I...

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GaptoothDiva Radio – Amazing Advice About Life and Relationships w/ Advice Guru Tamara Allen. Also Featuring Home Design Advice from James Swan Author of “101 Things I Hate About Your House”

Often asked for advice about love and relationships, family, raising children, dealing with life challenges and making tough decisions, Tamara has long since been the go-to person for family, friends, employees and coworkers. Never one to shy away from sharing her own experiences, Tamara uses...

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