How To Dramatically Change How You Love Your Curves Forever

How To Dramatically Change How You Love Your Curves Forever #Loveyourcurvestour 2017 Finding Ashley I'esha GaptoothDiva Review

I like many women overweight, had trouble accepting it. I didn’t mind being plus size, but that wasn’t the description the doctor gave it when I saw him a few months ago. He straight up called me obese. I would’ve never guessed that hearing the word obese would dramatically change how I loved my curves forever.

If we can keep it all the way honest, it’s easier to dress yourself no matter what the label says when you’re thinner and leaner. However, I recently realized that it didn’t have to be this way. Where do you start to love your curves? Some have accepted their God-given belly pooches, guts, voluptuous thighs, and curvaceous frames.

How to Dramatically Change How You Love Your Curves Forever

It’s through innovative retailers like Ashley Stewart that I was given the eye-opening that I needed to not only accept my own curves but to love them enough to celebrate them all the time.

Recently, I attended plus size retailer Ashley Stewart’s first stop on the 2nd annual #LoveYourCurvesTour in Baltimore Maryland’s Mondawmin Mall. At the event, a few ladies were selected to rock the runway in preparation for the finale event in New York. I was asked to attend as a Blogger/Judge.

The two-day event featured an in-store Sip & Shop, exciting giveaways, and prizes, as well as the highly anticipated “Finding Ashley Stewart 2017” contest. This nationwide search will award the title of ‘Ashley Stewart 2017’ to the woman who distinctively embodies and exudes the confidence, strength, and fierceness that has become synonymous with the Ashley Stewart brand.

I met with so many phenomenal women, some of whom were in the contest and others who worked for Ashley Stewart directly. Their passion for the styles and looks of the apparel was infectious. However, it was their confidence that transformed my thinking about being a curvaceous woman.

Finding Ashley Stewart 2017 Fashion Show & Runway Competition Recap

Currently, I back to the same weight I was back when I was suffering from depression. Nevertheless, these women showed me that no matter what, I should wear my size with poise and power.

My curves are nothing to be ashamed of. They are Lit! #LOVEYOURCURVESTOUR Click To Tweet

However, I imagined how many women, like myself, who had hesitations about how to love their curves. They second guess showcasing their size, shape, and confidence because it wasn’t at their perfect number.

The internet and the general public can be cruel to people, especially when you love your curves. But these women at the Ashley Stewart broke the code on diminishing the doubt that comes with being plus-size in a world just now recognizing our beauty, which has always been there.

During the event, I captured pictures and video of the fashion show and festivities. It was an incredible experience. These were the following lessons, I walked away with after:

Love Your Body Now

I may not be the size 12 that I wanted to be while I was exercising and eating healthy consistently for months until a medication changed brought the weight back on. Nonetheless, I still have to love my body. I still need to exercise, eat right, and do other self-care activities to treat my body right.

Get Healthy but Not Obsessed

I can get healthy by eating the right foods and staying active, but there is no need to be obsessed. Obsessing about your weight could very well put you in more stress than necessary. It’s not about what the scale says or the measuring tape, it’s about how you feel.

Dress for the Body You Have Now, Not the body You Imagine

The thing about Ashley Stewart that I love so much, is that the clothes aren’t fit for just one woman. The selection there is for all types of women from corporate offices to self-employed creatives. The line has so much variety and styles that I deeply enjoy and love. Looks that are both unique and colorful, both of which I require in my wardrobe.

Embrace Your Community

There are communities of curvaceous women supporting and encouraging each other. While some of us are surrounding ourselves with thinner women, who may not understand the plight of a plus size woman, we are missing out on our own.

Our communities are where you can find the latest in styles and looks in your size. Our communities are rich with resources, advice, and tips for full figured women who love fashion as much as you do. Connecting with others with the same solutions and problems can only benefit you overall.

I’m back in Richmond; shopping at my local Ashley Stewart where I get to enjoy the newest plus size looks and accessories. Their selection is incredible. I especially like the shoe collection online as well.

Check out my local Ashley Stewart:

Located in: White Oak Village

Address: White Oak Village, 4501 S Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA 23231

Phone: (804) 236-1073

Plus-Size Outfit Ideas from Ashley Stewart’s Fashion show in Baltimore 2017

More pics available on my GaptoothDiva Facebook Fan Page

The Next Stops on the Finding Ashley 2017 Competition

Houston, Texas – March 24th & March 25th

New Jersey – April 21st & April 22nd

Detroit, Michigan – May 19th & May 20th

The Baltimore event is the first of eight stops the tour will make across the country before the New York City-based grand finale event in September, 2017.

Grand Prize Winner of the Finding Ashley 2017 Competition will get:


How To Dramatically Change How You Love Your Curves Forever #Loveyourcurvestour 2017 Finding Ashley I'esha GaptoothDiva Review

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