Do You Make These Work/Life Balance Mistakes?

Do You Make These Work/life Balance Mistakes - Watch Video by I'esha GaptoothDiva

So, I wanted to create this video discussing my struggle with trying to balance it all, as a mom, wife, business woman, sister, and daughter. I’m probably forgetting some other responsibilities, but you get the point. I have been trying to hone in on the perfect way to juggle so many hats and still slay. Do You Make These Work/Life Balance Mistakes? The truth is, there is no perfect way to balance work and life, and there will definitely be mistakes made along the way.

Check out the video and tell me what you think. I dish on my tips to at least make the balancing process easier. The mistakes we make in trying to balance it all can easily be eliminated, thus making the balancing act work out for you, giving us that awesome life we deserve.

Do You Make These Work/life Balance Mistakes? with I'esha GaptoothDiva

Trying to learn how to juggle motherhood, relationships, business, and your personal life? Watch this video as I give you tips on how to stop these common behaviors that lead to failure:

Work/Life Balance Mistakes:

• Trying to Be Everything to Everyone

Are you doing too much for everyone? Wearing far too many hats? Trying to save everyone but yourself, and missing your own life preserver jacket, perhaps? It’s hard, I know. You can’t be everything to everyone, all the time. There will be times when you have to worry more about yourself, than everyone else. Making yourself a priority isn’t something to feel guilty for. Those that love you will definitely understand, especially is you communicate that you just can’t. As much as we love to be there for everyone, to save the day, learning to chill and fall back is not so bad at all.

• Perfectionist attitude

It all won’t be perfect. People are going to say what they want, have their opinions, and some will judge and hate you regardless of the hoops you jump through. Learn to deal with it. You can’t stop living, creating, or being happy for fear that others may not find it perfect. Perfectionism is a disease, many of us are guilty of allowing it to stall and paralyze us. However, it’s because we keep thinking about what other people will think, do or say. Give it up. In order to balance your life the right way, you have to let go and realize that it all won’t be perfect all the time.

• Competing with others

No need to compete. You don’t what someone else had to go through to get to where they are. You don’t know what sacrifices or shortcuts were made to gain success. Focus on your own life, your own success, and how happy you want to be. Because of social media, we have the gift of peeking into the lives of people that we love, admire, and care about. However, realize that people will post what they want to post, not all of it is the truth or genuine. Most often people will post the positive highlights of their lives, and stray away from posting the negative challenges. If you keep watching, you will get obsessed. There is no race, competition, or fight that you must win, so stop. Give yourself the respect to know and understand, you and your dreams deserve the attention/energy that you give watching other people live. Go live your life on your own terms and celebrate your own blessings.

• Neglecting your priorities

Don’t give up on what’s important to you. Focus on the most important things in your life, rather than trying to keep up with everyone else. Money and success is important, however if it’s not detrimental to your survival, why kill yourself to obtain it and lose family, love, and self-respect? For me, my priorities have to be my family. I love them, and everything I do is for them. I won’t throw them to the side just to accomplish a goal. I advocate to everyone that getting your hustle one, being on your grind, and striving for greatness is awesome, but at the sacrifice of my family… I don’t think so. Keeping your eye on the prize will aid in balancing it all in your life and in your heart, no matter what.

• Giving Up at the 1st sign of Trouble

You can’t run at the first sign of trouble! There will be obstacles and milestones that you must go over in life, many of them are uncomfortable and difficult. However, it is those challenges that make us who we are. You can’t give in because things get hard. Those moments that are difficult mold us to be the people we are, it builds our foundation and develops our character. Hold on, don’t give in to the pain, struggle, and difficulties but embrace them for the lessons that they will provide. It won’t kill you, but make you stronger.

By avoiding these common mistakes when you are trying to balance work and life, you will make your life ten times easier and possibly better. It’s about you striving to be the best version of yourself, not anyone else. Hone in on what’s important and stay focused. Balance out work and life by realizing it just one day at a time.

How do you balance work and life? Do you make any of the above mistakes, or can you list some other mistakes that we all should avoid in order to find that perfect work/life balance? Share and comment, I would love to hear from you.

Do You Make These Work/life Balance Mistakes - Watch Video by I'esha GaptoothDiva

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