Why I Don’t Like The Holiday Season | GaptoothDiva Christmas Rant

Why I Don't Like The Holiday Season | GaptoothDiva Christmas Rant

In this video Why I Don’t Like The Holiday Season | GaptoothDiva Christmas Rant , I discuss my issues with the holiday season and why I’m uncomfortable in feeling obligated to buy Christmas presents for all those in my life. This vlog video will depict my true and accurate feelings, and even a little rant, about how materialistic the Christmas holiday is becoming and why everyone isn’t in a financial situation to handle buying everyone a gift. I also go in on how Christmas decorations aren’t the least bit attractive, if you don’t have a strategy or style in putting them up and how unless my sons have died for our sins, they shouldn’t walk around expecting to receive anything from me. I love the family aspect of the holidays and bringing people together, but I do not like when people buy gifts because they feel like they have to…. Because most of the time those gifts suck.

Check out my video on Why I Don’t Like The Holiday Season, and tell me what you think. I know there will be some people who disagree, or want to call me a Scrooge but I come from a very positive place when I say that it should be a heartfelt season that doesn’t require me to go broke to impress those that I love.

I am not here for a debate about the existence of Jesus Christ or his actual birthday, so please don’t try it.

I’m not here for a lecture about how I should or should not buy my children gifts, I made it clear how I feel about that.

I’m not here for judgmental parenting advice.

I’m also not here for assumptions and commentary on what I should be doing with my finances because you see a bunch of beauty reviews and haul videos on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching, but that will not be necessary.

Why I Don’t Like the Holiday Season | GaptoothDiva Christmas Rant

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