Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway 3rd Annual Fashion Show & Fundraiser [Video]

Dress for Success Racap red carpet runway 3rd annual fashion show and fundraiser

This past weekend there was an incredibly awesome fashion show that went down at the Canal Club. It was the Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway Fashion and Fundraiser. This event is to raise money for the organization, as well as challenge designers to take donated items that aren’t particularly the most fashionable and upcycle them into runway and/or wearable styles that are updates and unique.

It was great seeing who the designers incorporated their distinctive take on each item to create something totally different and unexpected. From gowns and creative dresses with bold silhouettes to everyday wear with an edge, the designs were incomparable to anything I’ve seen lately, and only ignites more creative inspiration in someone like myself.

I really enjoyed the show and was very pleased with how well the event was put together. The many volunteers and staff with DFS Central Virginia should be patting themselves on the back. Bravo!! The models were beautiful and definitely wearing every item as if it truly were their own (although some ladies were walking a little too fast for runway). It was even cute to have some little girls from the crowd join the runway to show off their little skills, which was extremely adorable. The crowd obviously came out to support their friends and family, as you can hear cheers and hollering at a ten for some of the lovely models.

Overall, it was an exciting experience and I can’t wait to see what else Dress for Success Central Virginia has up their sleeve. We donated a Flawesome gift pack (ft. a Flawesome Book, T-shirt, and a set of lipstick) to any beautiful winner in attendance. Since the goal of Dress for Success is to help women prepare for a life of self-sufficiency and economic independence, it was my hope that by reading the book they will also learn to love themselves and overcome all of life’s obstacles one day at a time.

Watch the Full Video Recap of the Fashion Show and Fundraiser Event Below: 

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I attended the Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway 3rd Annual Fashion Show & Fundraiser, which featured fashions and upcycled designs from local stylist and designers in the Richmond, Virginia area. Dress for Success receives generous donations from the public and often, those items may not be suitable for work/corporate environments. Nevertheless, every year DFS host their recycled fashion show to raise money for their organization, challenge local designers to see beyond the original garment, and to bring something fun and unique to the community.

Stylist and Designers were asked to remake outfits out of old clothes and repurpose designs for an original flair, while being judged by local celebrities, fashion experts, and leaders in the community.

To learn more about how you can help women move towards self-sufficiency and economic independence visit http://www.centralvirginia.dressforsuccess.org.

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Dress for Success Racap red carpet runway 3rd annual fashion show and fundraiser

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