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Flawed + Awesome = Flawesome

What makes a person “FLAWESOME”?

Flawesome (ness) is about taking what has happened to you, all the obstacles, trials, and misfortunes and turning it all into motivation to achieve the very best life you can.

It’s not a formula, but more so an attitude.

By coming to terms with your God-given flaws (which I believe are God-given gifts) and accepting that you are uniquely created, you spend less time trying to compare yourself to others and molding your individuality to fit in.

A Flawesome individual is someone who knows that their test is the testimony. They understand that they are not defined by who they are related to, where they are from, or the advantages they may or may not have had, but despite all of that they are blessed.

Your Personal Key to Success: Flawesome Lifestyle

Flawesome Life Improving Principles

Flawesome Life Improving Principles are meant to guide you in taking the negative and discouraging things about your life and flip them into something positive.

Each lesson is designed to help you appreciate your flaws and accept the trials and tribulations that you’ve overcome as something learned for the betterment of your life.

By putting each “F.L.I.P” into practice, you gain an improved appreciation of yourself, your potential, and your life with nothing but faith and love as your weapons.

As you flip through each page… and in life (pun intended) see how you will learn how to accept your own past circumstances, gain a lesson from each situation, and learn how to apply those lessons to your own life now.

With my Flawesome Life Improving Principles, you will be well on your way from taking the bricks thrown at you and building a firm foundation to a much happier lifestyle, no matter who you are. Everyone is Flawesome in their own way, because God don’t make no junk!

  • Trauma Awareness

    From childhood molestation, physical and emotional abuse, and suicidal attempts.

  • Self-esteem

    Confidence building challenges that transformed my life.

  • Developing a Spiritual Connection

    Learning to develop a relationship with God to aid my mental health recovery journey.

Flawesome Book Trailer (2014)

Check out the video book trailer for Flawesome Because God Don’t Make No Junk (produced in 2014). The book that chronicles stories from my life that impacted my mental health, self-esteem, and other personal challenges. This video was directed by me, highlighting snippets of the content contained in the book. It’s emotionally riveting, and meant to inspire you.

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