GaptoothDiva Radio Interview with Kent Osbourne: Letting God Use You

GaptoothDiva Radio Interview with Kent Osbourne: Letting God Use You

Last night we had a guest on the show by the name of Kent Osbourne, he’s a gospel hip hop artist that transformed his life from hustling street thug turned felon into a life dedicated to sharing motivation through music. His audience, people like him who are tired of being the problem and want so desperately to be the solution to young people watching our every move.

During our interview, we got to talk with him about his transformation back into the world, knowing his purpose and his destiny is so very different than what most hip hop artist are promoting nowadays.

Kent Osbourne is an example that God can use anyone to inspire, even those that have a checkered past or made mistakes. Perfection isn’t an excuse for not inspiring others, because technically perfection isn’t obtainable.

I enjoyed talking to him and I also encourage you all to check him out, his social media links are below:




Official Website

“Phylicia” Video

“I’m Betta ” Video

“No matter what you have done in your life or what you’ve been through, God can use you. God can use anybody!” Kent Osbourne

His effort to make a difference is not only a sign of him working towards redemption, but also a man who knows that although his former life may have been easy, it definitely pays to motivate people in a positive way with long lasting and impactful results in the end.

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GaptoothDiva Radio Interview with Kent Osbourne: Letting God Use You

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