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Turkey day is the Day after tomorrow, and we all know what that means. It means family togetherness, lots of food, and an opportunity to put your Christmas wish list on the table. For most people, it won’t be all hugs, kisses, and cranberry sauce, so GaptoothDiva Radio’s I’esha GaptoothDiva and Boonyevilla are going to give you some great tips and advice on how to handle this year’s Thanksgiving drama. We want to motivate you to not stab your long lost cousin or that uncle that just got out of jail, in support of family love and inspiration. Listen as we tell stories from past thanksgiving dinners, and how we plan to bring the love and blessings back to the table.

YUNG DAMON featured on GaptoothDiva RadioJoining us is Yung Damon, Featured Artist of The Week

The perfect prototype of an enterprising person, Yung Damon! is successfully emerging amongst a generation of trap rappers, blank music, and blah music with crafty lyrical talent like no other in his class. Growing up in Savannah, GA Damon was isolated from rap music. Restricted from the vulgarity and profanity of rap, he instead listened to R&B greats like Patti Labelle, Smokey Robinson, Tevin Camplbell, Brian McKnight. In spite of the early exposure to classics like “Footsteps In The Dark”, his sharp writing ability was actually recognized and applauded in school when given poems and short stories as writing assignments. In 2003, he began to rap as a hobby with his [younger/older] cousin, JR. The two would challenge one another’s word play, freestyling over downloaded instrumentals or songs on the radio. “I was better than he was… he stopped rappin,” says Damon as he thinks back. “My work ethic was stronger too, so when I realized I had this skill I started trying to make something more of it.” It’s this non-stop hustle mentality that motivated Yung Damon!, also known as Fly Deezy, to study and practice with a committed dedication to perfecting his craft.

Thirsty for creative inspiration that stretched farther than the all too familiar street life he observed on a daily basis, Dame exposed himself to diverse genres of literature and movies, allowing him to verbally illustrate hood life with a unique rhythmic cadence, quick wit, and clever sense of humor. With a grind stronger than a steel mill, the budding rapper eliminated the dependence of others and began schooling himself on engineering music so he could lay down tracks whenever he felt the need. “Once I learned how to count and stack bars, make hooks, bridges, it took my writing to a more professional level. Then he got out of control with it… recording like two or three songs a day!” Dame says. His hard work ethic and dope tracks caught the attention of his brother-in-law, Melvin, who stepped in to assist with making headway in the music industry using his former marketing experience and industry connections. Their efforts scored a meeting with the ill producer Ninth Wonder to discuss producing tracks for Yung Damon. This then lead to an opportunity MCs dream of. Wonder connected Yung Damon and his manager at the time with Jay-Z who just happened to be in Atlanta during the time of his famous comeback in 2006.

On a search for fresh, new talent Jay-Z ear sampled Dame’s music. Recalling Hov’s response, Yung Dame says, “He kind of smiled and said I reminded him of a young Jay-Z.” With confidence, energy and much heart, Fly Deezy forged ahead, performing at more than 30 shows in many of Atlanta’s most popular venues; Club Crucial, Royal Peacock, Scores, Throw Backs, and was even selected to showcase the Sweet Auburn Festival. In 2007 the late Savannah, GA rapper of Hellaflow Records, Bugga, was impressed with Yung D’s material after visiting his myspace page and reached out to him. They kept in touch and in 2009; Bugga took Dame under his wing. Bugga groomed, worked on his image, and managed the business side of things then began their collaboration on a mix CD release. The untimely and unfortunate death of his mentor months later affected Damon immensely. After a 4-month break from writing, Screwww, CEO of Hellaflow, reached out to Yung Damon! To pick up where he left off, more determined than ever, he headed to Atlanta and recorded 60 songs over a one-month period. “Bugga’s death made me go harder, I went back to the lab to revamp the mixtapes and added more tracks that I felt would help keep Bugga’s legacy alive.” While in the ATL, he was fortunate to record among influential artist like Young Jeezy, Lil’ Boosie, Boo Rossini, Young Buck, Blood Raw, JW, and more. Yung Damon! has opened up for many acts such as Webbie, Yo Gotti, Bun B, Juvenile, Travis Porter, Lil’ Ru, Mac Bre-Z, Future and Dolla Boy of Playaz Circle. Now Yung Damon! has emerged from the lab and has hit the pavement hard – dropping early releases, flooding the streets with promotional CDs, underground mixed tapes, and lining up performances – all to create a buzz for the long anticipated drop of his first self-released album Exclamation! Set for 1st quarter 2011. Yung Damon! was the feature artist of the month (August 2010) on He is featured in the unsigned hype section on In addition, he is featured on blog sites such as,,,,,,, hiphopup,, lyrical accountant, CanHipHop and more.


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