How Do I Get Along with My Sister #NationalSiblingsDay (Sister Tag)

How Do I Get Along with My Sister #NationalSiblingsDay (Sister Tag) GaptoothDiva

It’s National Siblings Day, so I decided to do a quick video with my baby sister Shanice about our friendship and relationship as sisters. Shanice and I are about 8 years apart but are very close (actually best friends). We are total opposites, but we tend to make it work on so many levels that it appears on the outside that we have so much in common. The only thing we really have in common is our love and admiration for each other, and the pleasure we find in watching reality television shows like Love & Hip Hop.

How to Get Along With Your Sister with GaptoothDiva

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I’m so very proud of Shanice, as she is scheduled to graduate college in the next few weeks. She attends Virginia Union University, with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She loves to give back and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I love my best friend. Shout out to my awesome sibling on #NationalSiblingsDay

How Do I Get Along with My Sister #NationalSiblingsDay (Sister Tag)

How to Get Along With Your Sister

  1. No Such Thing as Jealousy – So what your sister has longer hair than you, or perhaps she wears a smaller size. You have to learn to love yourself enough that you aren’t jealous of your own sister. I joke a lot with my sister about her athletic abilities, but I use that to encourage me to get healthy. I know that I have qualities that she doesn’t possess, and vice versa. We should never covet what our siblings has, does, or is when we ought to be inspired and proud.


  1. Learn From Each Other – Although I’m older than Shanice, she has taught me a lot over the years. I know that she likes to say that I mentor her as well, and that makes me stay on point in my life. We learn from each other despite the big difference in age. It amazing how we teach each other about life, society, and our own feelings in almost every conversation. Take the time to truly learn something from your sibling, and you may find that you learn a lot about yourself.


  1. Communicate At All Times – We have to talk! By not communicating with each other, we can miss something vital that could help either of us or both of us, depending on the situation. It’s the people who refuse to communicate, that cause the most confusion. Because we don’t expect the other to read our minds, we talk until we are blue in the face, even when things get difficult. As a sister, I’ve learned to trust my sister with my feelings, even if I haven’t completely sorted them out fully. I don’t have to worry about her judgment or ridicule because she understands that I’m only human. I give her that same opportunity, which is why our conversations can be both in-depth and stimulating, or chock full of laughs and silliness. It’s that trust between us to open up and be ourselves that adds value to a natural bond of sisterhood.


  1. Support Each Other & Be A REAL Friend – It kills me to know that at one time I was closer to people that I had just met than I was with my sister. It kills me now to know that someone could treat a school mate or co-worker like a sister but be at odds with their own blood. However, that’s the reality for a lot of people and I get that. I was there. However, I learned that God put us together to love one another and despite our differences, I vow to be a good friend at all times to my sister. I’m not a good friend when it benefits me or when the holidays roll around, but at all times. Shanice is the same. We realize that we aren’t the same in a lot of ways, but we treat each other like we would want our best friends to treat us, or even better. When you focus on what you can give to the friendship, the sisterhood because even more easy for the both of you because it’s not based on selfish ambitions of just getting and receiving from the other person. That’s what real friends are supposed to be.


  1. Laugh! – Be comfortable with yourself and your sister enough that you can be silly. I love being silly with my sister, and I’m not comfortable with a lot of people who I can open up that much to be vulnerable. She allows me to let my hair down, be myself, no makeup or additives. All the while, my sister still calls me beautiful. I love her for that, because even though she knows my appearance is important to me and my self-esteem, she doesn’t judge me or base her respect on it. We can be so dumb stupid sometimes that our guts hurt from laughter, we’re crying and snorting like “Steve Urkel”, and she’s still cool. No respect lost. It’s my favorite place to be sometimes.


  1. Different Isn’t a Bad Thing – Like we say in the video, we are practically polar opposites on a lot of issues. I used to think it was an obstacle in our relationship, however, time and maturity have proved otherwise. This young woman has shown me a side of life and of myself, that I never I could get from another female, especially my baby sister. I also find so much joy and purpose in dishing advice and tips to her, to help her avoid some of the pitfalls I had to face growing up. Despite our different personalities, we complement each other and only aim to bring out the best in one another. As a sister, it makes me feel accomplished to see her accomplish her goals and be her best self. I love seeing my sister win, with her different self. LOL.


  1. Respect Above All Else – There is also a certain level of respect that keeps us glued to each other. Shanice understands that my life was very different from hers growing up, and she doesn’t act clueless to our different struggles. She also doesn’t discount my feelings about my childhood. She respects me. She shows respect to me as her older sister, with all my quirks and shortcomings. It’s a lot to be said about a young woman, who is grown, that still respects her older sister. I like to think that I give her something worth respecting, and if I didn’t she respect me enough to let me know to my face) when I’m falling short. The honesty and integrity in our relationship are nothing short of a God-given blessing. Everyone doesn’t have that. We respect each other enough to not drag each other down to others and wish negative on one another. If we can’t add something positive, we refrain from taking up each other’s time. I love that about us as well, it’s the best friendship a girl could as for.

How to Get Along With Your Sister with GaptoothDiva

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