How to Use Your Skills to Gain the Trust of the Natural Hair Community

How to Use your skills to Gain the Trust of the Natural Hair Community Twist and Talk #RVA Natural Hair Event ft. Lenise Robinson (@Hairgreaselenise)

Perhaps you’re a blogger, a hairstylist, or you’ve created your own natural hair products that you want to introduce to the natural hair community. No matter what your reasons, you are trying to get the attention and trust of a group of people who have known serious hair struggles in the past, and don’t have time for it anymore. The natural hair community is composed of individuals who have accepted their natural beauty, natural hair, their natural curl pattern, and the fact that there is magic in their God-given hair. Yes, you have to come correct in order to gain their trust.

The natural hair community has no time for games, tricks, or false hustles meant to rip their hard-earned dollars from their hands. It’s not easy, but with these simple tips, you can learn how to use your skills to gain the trust of the natural hair community, bringing profits and loyalty to your brand, business, or blog for a long time to come. It’s not for the stubborn or uncreative, but with these tips, you can truly transform your knowledge and skills to drive natural hair enthusiast to you like bees to honey.

Lenise Robinson (@Hairgreaselenise)

Originally from Trenton, New Jersey but raised in Richmond, Virginia, Lenise co-owns Canvas the Salon along with her long-term mentor & friend. At Canvas the Salon, they specialize in a wide range of hair care needs They also offer cuts & color, make-up services, pedicure and manicures, extensions, relaxers, and especially natural hair services. Lenise also says Canvas the Salon also offers retail products that help clients with maintaining their styles at home in between appointments. Since she owns a training salon, Lenise has been offering apprenticeships, mentoring, and training for her support staff, as well.

Not only has she served our country (serving in Baghdad with the United States Army), but she is using her skills to serve the community as well. Being a proud natural hair professional, living in her journey for over ten years, she works to ensuring that her clients have the tools and knowledge necessary to enjoy their natural hair journey and look amazing on their own.


How to Use your skills to Gain the Trust of the Natural Hair Community Twist and Talk #RVA Natural Hair Event ft. Lenise Robinson (@Hairgreaselenise)

Provide Realistic and Practical Solutions to My Problems

I’m so tired of hearing that in order for some naturals to achieve a certain style, they have to do some insane nonsense that would probably cost them more time and money than the problem is worth. Some people can’t travel to the village in the Kenya to get this essential oil that only comes from this one tree that you just happened to have visited to get that product that you’re pushing on your page. It’s not practical advice to tell a natural that she has to go on some insane diet that isn’t realistic, to obtain results she will never get.

People are not dumb. The fact that professionals still believe that they can tell their potential clients anything, any hype or bluff and that they should believe it is almost hilarious. Your clients are smart enough to Google what’s best for their natural hair. It would be hella embarrassing to discover that someone called you out for pushing something fake because you underestimated their ability to look into what you’re telling them about their own hair.

Be an Example of Your Expertise

On more than one occasion, someone has walked up to me trying to sell me a product or tools specifically aimed towards natural hair care. That’s great! You don’t get 100% of the sales that you don’t ask for, right? However, why isn’t everyone using their own stuff? How can you sell hair care, when in reality it appears that you don’t care for your own hair? I loathe a hairstylist with no sense of personal style, as much as a person trying to make you a customer or client when they haven’t shown the results of using their product on themselves.

You can’t expect anyone in the natural hair community to trust you when your own natural isn’t styled, healthy, or even recognizable. Be a walking billboard for your brand/business, especially at the time you’re trying to sell and network. If you aren’t a fan of the product, meaning you don’t use it yourself or have experience with it… you probably shouldn’t try to stuff it down other people’s throats.

Teach the Skills Necessary to Achieve a Look for Me, Not to Look Like Celebrity X

It’s popular thing to want to achieve a hairstyle or look that your favorite celebrity has worn. Especially with social media, we are constantly seeing our favorite celebs and their extraordinary styles that we love and adore. Nevertheless, it’s your responsibility as a business and influencer to tell your clients if the end results of a hairstyle or look, will NOT be in their future. Perhaps their hair type isn’t right for that look. Perhaps their lifestyle isn’t appropriate for your product. Don’t just sell to sell, but be a realistic tap on the shoulder for your clients and customers. Let them know if a certain strategy isn’t working for them or if they aren’t your ideal client for your product.

Don’t let your audience waste their money on items that aren’t ideal for them, just so that you can line your pockets. People will trust you more when you are honest with them. In the future, you may find that you have room to develop something new for those people who aren’t a good fit but are still showing interest in your brand. Many people have come up with some great ideas after being rejected by a potential client. So no worries if your client isn’t the right fit for what you have now when in a few weeks or months you’ll have exactly what they’ve been dreaming about, just because you kept it real initially.

Put Me On To Affordable Methods to Achieve Results

We all want to make money from the things that we create and invest time in. Naturals want to save money, because regular maintenance of anything, i.e. a car, a house, our health, our hair, it all takes money. So if your solutions aren’t affordable to your audience, then what are you doing? Either you should update your target demographic or you should check your prices. Many people are tired of paying top dollar for tricks, methods, potions, creams, and tips, when we’re all learning either how to do it ourselves or a cheaper more affordable option.

Your goal to make money shouldn’t trump your ability to help others if you are expecting to gain a loyal following. You have to prove that the item is worth the investment, while also thinking how I (as a potential customer) can incorporate it into my life. Those in the natural hair community want brands and businesses that they can fall in love with. They will remember who is just trying to get their coins up, even at their clients’ expense.

Skip the Myths, Spells, and Potions; Provide Honest Reviews

We’ve all heard old wives tales about our hair and special potions that are supposed to accentuate our curls and grow our hair long. People will tell you to do some crazy steps to get to this inaccessible goal, just to get you excited about their brand or product. Yet, another thing no one has time for anymore. You have to be 100% honest about your products, your services, and your skills to earn the trust of the natural hair community.

The research will burn you up after you’ve told someone to try some product and the results were minimal if anything at all. People will drag you if your claims and ads turn out to be false or lacking. In order to gain the trust of the natural community, it’s best to give full disclosures and honest reviews. If something will only work if you exercise and eat right, that’s something you would want to highlight for those expecting to not alter their lifestyle to enjoy your service or product. It’s all in the details.

Be Open & Available for Questions, Suggestions, and Comments

Your ego may drive you to not open your ears to criticism or comments about the things that you are passionate about. Also if you ever had a full inbox of unopened emails from people, with a business to operate, and deadlines to meet, you know how easy it is to forget to answers questions or concerns quickly. In order to gain the confidence of those in the natural hair community, you have to develop an open door policy.

Questions and problems can be hard, even some that you haven’t encountered before. Take the time to research and approach your clients with as much knowledge, expertise, and solutions as you can. When people feel like you’re going to help them, efficiently and accurately, they are more likely to trust you, your product, and your tips. Become a resource for those needing your help and be willing to help solve their problems as much as you can. Don’t just ignore their inquiries or issues, but be present and help cultivate an optimistic perspective about who you and your business are.

Professionals like Lenise Robinson, offer their clients an opportunity to learn from them by providing their knowledge and expertise through workshops, classes, and live tutorials. Because she understands that her talents are essential to her clients, she’s willing to show her loyal audience how to take care of themselves in between their scheduled appointments with her.

She recognizes that her brand in vital to those in the Richmond, Virginia natural hair community, so she doesn’t hold back in ensuring that her people understand the information she knows and can put her tutorials to good use. Her clients have stated that although they pay her to care for their hair, they are thankful that she provides a chance for them to learn new ways to care for their styles themselves. Therefore, being open to suggestions, comments, and questions opened the door for Lenise to add another stream to monetize her hair care brand, through teaching and education.



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This is an event recap of the Twist Talk Natural Hair workshop hosted by Lenise Robinson (@Hairgreaselenise) of Canvas The Salon in Richmond Virginia, where she taught natural hair enthusiast how to care for and maintain their natural hair.

During the Twist and Talk sessions, Lenise goes around the room assisting attendees on a flat twist and natural hair styling techniques using the products they own, and available samples from brands such as Taliah Waajid.

The Richmond, Virginia natural hair community needs more events like this, where stylist educates and assist clients in caring for their natural hair when they’re not in the salon, at home where they need the instruction the most.

Lenise Robinson took a Sunday afternoon to showcase her extensive skills in caring for RVA’s natural hair clients, but to also educate naturals on the best methods to produce creative and beautiful natural hairstyles on a budget on their own.

Now you’ve probably realized that these tips can apply to more areas beyond the natural hair community and businesses within the hair care industry. You can apply these tips and methods to any genre of business and branding. By remembering that honesty and transparency will attract more clients than hustle and tricks, allow your ideal client to get the best from you, not just the most expensive, and be a resource as much as you can, you will attract loyalty and prosperity right to you. If you don’t believe me, give it a try and please tell me how it goes. I want to hear about your experience.

How to Use your skills to Gain the Trust of the Natural Hair Community Twist and Talk #RVA Natural Hair Event ft. Lenise Robinson (@Hairgreaselenise)

In the meantime, support and connect with Lenise Robinson, because she really provided a great environment for her clients and her following to learn practical tips to caring for their natural hair. I know that people walked away so excited for the next tour. Connect with her to find out what’s next on her schedule and book a seat in her chair…

Lenise Robinson

Canvas the Salon

212 E Clay St #1c, Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: (804) 864-2932

Canvas the Salon marries creativity, innovation, integrity, and passion for creating an upscale, total wellness experience for its guests. They believe that educating their guests encourages healthy hair practices beyond the salon.

Taliah Waajid




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