How to Rock Your Curves and Slay Like Beyonce

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

It’s an exciting experience to see your fellow curvaceous beauties line up to audition for a fashion show dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness that is plus size fashion. At least, that’s how I felt when I attended the Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart in White Oak Shopping Center. This amazing store, currently under awesome new management, was the spot to be this past Saturday afternoon, catering to a plethora of full-figured ladies all showing off their runway skills and confident attitudes in their auditions.

Founders of Curves Rock Fashion Weekend, Tykesha “Ms Diva Doll” Reed and her sister, Chanell “Stallion N’ Stilettos” Jones have both been in the modeling industry for over 30 years. The two are plus size models, who have experienced participating in many fashion shows. Most designers cater to the smaller sized models (sizes 0-8), feeling this was unfair the sisters decided to do something about it.

With their combined knowledge, past experiences and willingness to make a change in the fashion industry, these ladies triumphantly decided to bring a plus sized Fashion Weekend to the DMV area, known as CURVES ROCK.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

The Curves Rock Mission is…

“Commit to improving the self-esteem of the curvy community, bringing awareness to healthier lifestyle choices and making styles, trends and fashion that not only caters to the IDEAL size model but also to the woman with CURVES.”

At the audition, the two ladies welcomed everyone for coming out, and proceeded in their selection process and registration, for what is promised to be an amazing fashion weekend event.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend will be held July 21st – July 24th 2016 in Baltimore Maryland, so it’s crunch time for the ladies to find the perfect models to represent the designers and brands for the public. Tykesha dropped some tips and information on the best way to become a model for the show, and how models should present themselves on and off the runway.

Watch Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

#RVA Model call held at Ashley Stewart Women’s Clothing Store

Retail chain featuring stylish women’s wear in sizes 12-26, plus shoes, lingerie & accessories.

Located in: The Shops at White Oak Village

Address: 4501 S Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA 23231

Music in this video:

Rihanna X Drake’s “Work” Remix – Kay Cola x Siya

RuPaul – Sexy Drag Queen (Runway Mix)

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

How to Rock Your Curves and Slay Like Beyoncé

The key points that we took from the audition that I know will benefit aspiring plus size models, are important tips and tricks to remember. Attendees stated that they were able to take lessons learned with them, no matter if they were selected or not. In your endeavors to become a plus size or full-figured model, a positive attitude is definitely a must. However, that wasn’t the only thing to remember from the day’s event.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

Give Energy!

Don’t hold back and don’t tense up. This is your opportunity to show the public how to wear the garment that you have on. What is the ideal attitude of the person most likely to wear this piece? Designers want to feel confident that you are also confident in the clothes and with your body.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

Ashley Stewart Staff had a custom cake designed specifically for the event.

Don’t Be Extra!

Like Tykesha says, “No singing, no dancing, no waving to people in the audience.” It’s all about straight runway. It can be hard not to allow your ego to absorb the energy of the crowd, but you must resist letting that show on the outside. My personal key tips is to focus on a spot directly in the back, pass the crowd and photographers, and give it all that you got. Look directly at the spot and deliver a runway walk that is practically like you have tunnel vision. Don’t get distracted by the people cheering or calling your name, it’s about the clothes at the end of the day.

Have Poise and Have Class!

You may feel like a million bucks with your makeup done, a banging outfit, strutting down the runway with everyone watching and encouraging you. However, keep it classy at all times. Tykesha points out that there is no need for twerking or pop-locking down the runway. I agree! It’s not a club or dance party environment, so chill just a little. Remember, it’s about the clothes. Your job is to present the garments in the best light as possible, so refrain from shining the attention on you and keep the light and photographs on the designer’s creations rather than your awesome personality.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

Check Your Attitude!

There is no need to have a mean screw face while walking down the runway. You can highlight a positive attitude and still look fierce. Depending on the scene you’re in, it may even be ok to smile. I also suggest what I call a happy medium, which is a signature smirk or “smize” as Tyra Banks would call it, where you aren’t smiling but your face looks so happy that you can see it in your eyes. Remember, as much as you want it to be about you, it’s not. It’s about what you’re wearing and how the designer’s work transcends to those in the audience. The idea is to sell more clothes and accessories, the look that you’re rocking, not you. The designer’s aren’t trying to sell you.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

Bring It!

Modeling is much more than having a killer walk in a great pair of heels, please believe me. I’ve seen plenty of women think that because the shoes were creative and beautiful, that their walk was as well. I’m sorry to say, your walk isn’t based on how fly your shoes are. Your walk isn’t based on how tight your dress is, either. Your modeling ability isn’t based on how much makeup you are wearing, or your jewelry glistening. You walk is just that, your walk. So practice walking at various tempos. Throw those shoes on and walk down your hallway in your home, playing whatever music pumps you up and makes you feel fierce. It’s like athletics, you have to strengthen your legs, be consistent, and develop your craft. Too many of my fellow plus size beauties believe that simply showing up and having a hand on their hips, gets them the job. You have to show that walking down the runway is like second nature to you.  A great model doesn’t look uncomfortable, frightened, or tense at all. A great model is confident, her stride flows with the music and she is focused. When you bring it like that, even if you were wearing a dress made of paper towel, people will want to buy it off your back.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

Think About The Details!

Consider wearing some body foundation, less makeup, and keeping it simple. The better you feel about you, the more confident and secure you look. Remember that modeling is skill, look, and attitude. No matter how much you throw on to cover things up, the truth is still underneath. If you truly want to slay, it’s best to perfect these skills before attending a model call or casting. Practice different photographic poses in the mirror, practice strutting at home or around the block in your neighborhood, but don’t just think that you were born with it, practice and progress makes the awesome models. Stay dedicated to always wanting to improve at all times.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

Join Curves Rock Fashion Weekend July 21st – July 24th 2016 at the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards, 110 S. Eutaw Street Baltimore, MD.

Curves Rock Fashion Weekend



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Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Model Call at Ashley Stewart #RVA

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