Do You Really Know How To Save Money For The Whole Family? Groupon Coupons

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I didn’t realize how much went into shopping for three boys in three separate age groups, especially for back-to-school. On top of that, Hubs isn’t getting any younger (or smaller) and they all eat like animals. Financially, I’m working on budgeting more and being intentional on family purchases, so that we don’t get in over our heads. I had to take the time to figure out better ways to save money for the whole family.

Do You Really Know How To Save Money For The Whole Family? Groupon Coupons

A family of five ½ wonderful individuals; three boys, my loving Big Guy and I, and now we have a beautiful dog in the mix. It can get a little overwhelming. So, now that I’ve gracefully expressed my issues. I’m going to talk about how I’ve been trying to solve them.

I recently got hooked to Groupon Coupons. At first, I only used Groupon for the latest attractions, events, and family oriented experiences that we could enjoy without going broke. We always saved on local things to do, or travel options for my Husband and me. It was nothing, to log onto my app and rack up for a weekend worth of things to do.

However, I discovered that Groupon Coupon, as a whole section on the website where you can get coupons and deals at local and online stores that we already shop at regularly. I’m excited because, with the added expense of having another baby, it would help to save more money right now.

Do You Really Know How To Save Money For The Whole Family? Groupon Coupons

The Amazing Savings For Everyone

So, for our school shopping adventures, I checked out deals over at Foot Locker and Macy’s for the boy’s new school shoes and clothes. Since Dash is just starting this year and A’veri is moving up to grade 3, it’s essential that I get stuff that will last those playground experiences they enjoy.

I also checked out Walgreen’s coupons and deals on the Groupon Coupon site, for some savings on my favorite brand’s. I can’t wait to rack up on some Cover Girl cosmetics when I get a chance because there is no such thing as too much makeup in my cart. No matter what my Husband says.

Hubs seems to love reading these days, especially when it comes to his spirituality. So, I want to get him this book he’s been eyeing for a while over at Barnes & Noble’s Bookstore. This way, everyone feels like they’re special in some way, while I save my coins. It sounds like a winner to me.

Overall, I’m excited to save money for the whole family. It’s pretty easy to get into it with Groupon Coupon. Just go to the website (, or download the app over at the App store or through Google Play. I have android, so I got it from Google Play. I login using my online profile and browse through hundreds of coupon deals right at my fingertips. It’s also helpful when you have the baby, your toddler, your oldest son, and your husband all chasing you around on your shopping journey.

When it’s all said and done, you saved money, everyone got what they needed and wanted, and you look like the best Mom in the world for free. That calls for another deal at your local salon or spa, if you ask me.

Tune in next week, I’ll share more ways I save money for the whole family.

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