How to Teach Our Girls to Love Their Curls

How to Teach Our Girls to Love Their Curls

Back in the day, many mothers gave up on the idea of encouraging their daughters to love their God given natural curls. With so many options out there to straighten out a problem that really didn’t exist, moms chose to go the easy route rather than spend the time to motivate their young daughters to work with their hair the way that it was, natural, curly, and beautiful. Thankfully, Dove Hair has this awesome campaign that not only promotes to young girls that they should embrace their naturally curly hair, called #LoveYourCurls, but it also helps make the conversation easier for moms to do so as well.

I remember being a little girl and watching my mother struggle to run a comb through my hair, almost daily. Listening to her mumble under her breath about the effort she has to put into getting my hair to “act right” and “behave”. It was stressful on her and on me, to hear her describe my hair as some chore that needed to be tamed. It wasn’t long before she submitted to temptation and I was forced to get my hair straightened or permed to limit the time it took to get it done.

It wasn’t until I got older, more mature that I learned that my naturally curly hair was something to be proud of. I vowed that if I was ever blessed with a daughter of my own, that I would learn to develop patience with her hair, and I would show her how to #LoveYourCurls by using myself as an example. Hair styling doesn’t have to be a chore, when you’re not constantly trying to manipulate your hair to look and feel like someone else’s. The idea is to enhance what you already have, the curls and texture that belong to you.

How to Teach Our Girls to Love Their Curls


When you are comfortable with your hair, understanding how it works, how it can be styled, and how to achieve the looks that you love, your daughter watches you. She sees how you love your tresses or your disdain. Your daughter absorbs your disgust with your natural beauty or your admiration. Everything you say, she hears and understands as something she should feel and say about herself. When I would hear my mother talk down about my hair, I immediately felt that there was something wrong with me. I always thought this is a flaw that needs to be fixed, straightened out and rectified.

Dove Hair launched the Love Your Curls Emoji App (#LoveYourCurls) as the addition to their current Dove Hair’s Love Your Curls Global Mission. The whole purpose of the mission is to encourage and help young girls and women embrace their natural curls, while also ensuring that they see a depiction of themselves (their hair) in their everyday lives and throughout social media.

When you watch the video, you see just how impactful a mother’s words are on her young impressionable daughter. It’s vital that as moms we understand that what we say directly impacts our girls in ways that we don’t even realize. If we find something wrong with ourselves, our daughters will eventually feel the same. Little girls mimic their mothers, and often see them as the end all – be all to what life is all about. I vowed that I would always take that into consideration when speaking around the young ladies in my life, because I want them to only see beauty in themselves, not self-depreciating evaluations based on a limited understanding of who they really are.

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That’s why I love this mission that Dove Hair is promoting, because self-love is so extremely important to all of us. It’s an imperative conversation that needs to happen between our mothers and daughters, that loving yourself is a beautiful thing. When I shared the #LoveYourCurls app with my niece, who is also curly haired and natural, she squeaked in delight. She loved the idea of playing on Auntie’s phone and using an emoji that represented her, as if it was a cartoon that she created. She knows the importance of self-love and how she doesn’t have to change a thing, because she is surrounded by people like me who encourage her. That’s all a little girl needs in her life. A little girl just needs a woman that can set the example of what natural beauty and a love for self is really all about.

Check out the Dove Hair #LoveYourCurls Emojis App, download it to your device and chat away with the cute emoji and gif that represents you (curly haired beauty) the way they’re supposed to. You can check them out here

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Note – Dove Love Your Curls Emojis can be used in all text and messenger apps (i.e. iMessage, SMS/text, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc.).

Tell me how you are encouraging the little girls in your life and how you love your natural beauty as well. I would love to have the conversation with you. Leave a comment below.


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dove. The opinions and text are all mine.

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