How to Trust in Your Dopeness – Flawesome Series [WATCH]

Trusting in Your Dopeness video by I'esha GaptoothDiva

This video is about trusting in your dopeness! Trusting in your dopeness means knowing that you are special, creative, and gifted just the way you are. You don’t need any additional enhancements, a team of people behind you, or a huge bank account to live in your purpose and be an incredible person today.

We are NOT perfect or flawless… we all have things about ourselves, our past, which may have had struggles, pain, or mistakes involved. However, it was those circumstances that molded us into the people we are today. It’s not easy to wake up every day with a positive attitude. Nevertheless, if you wake up with the intention of being incredible, of living out your dream, and being the best person you can be with what you already have, nothing or no one can stop you.

How to Trust in Your Dopeness – Flawesome Series


Flawesome is about being flawed and awesome. It’s a movement that encourages people to accept their flaws, even love their loves, while still living an amazing life regardless of where they are in financially, emotionally, or otherwise.

We often doubt ourselves and worry about what other people think, afraid of judgement and criticism.

Because of faith in God and faith in myself, I was able to change my life around from being self-destructive and self-doubting to being more confident and more positive. Because of that life change, opportunities came and I became successful and found more happiness. I was consistent in my plan to love who I was without shame, and I believe that anyone can go from basic to amazing with the same attitude.

You are dope because you are still here, breathing, and living this life…. That’s an everyday confirmation that you indeed have a purpose.

Flawesome Series will educate and motivate individuals how ways to take their flaws and their past struggles and turn them into motivational tools to excel through life. This series is dedicated to those who want to find more purpose in life, just being themselves. We support you and encourage you to have an awesome life and awesome love, flaws and all.

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