How to Wear A Full-Figured Jumpsuit with Confidence

I am not being paid to mention this brand. I simply like this brand and have featured them on my website before. There is no compensation for this post and all my opinions are my own.

At first, I wasn’t going to wear this full-figured jumpsuit. I thought it was way too loud for me (meaning the print was too bold and has too many intricate details). My confidence, especially when it comes to my body and weight, hasn’t been what it used to be.

How to Wear A Full-Figured Jumpsuit with Confidence featuring Ashley Stewart GaptoothDiva

However, I wanted to wear this Ashley Stewart full-figured jumpsuit on my birthday. I thought long and hard and figured I deserved to get out of my comfort zone for a while.

I took the brocade jumpsuit and fell in love.

How to Wear A Full-Figured Jumpsuit with Confidence featuring Ashley Stewart GaptoothDiva

The jumpsuit is made of a lightweight material that stretches when necessary.

It’s fitting and definitely shapes to your curves. The drop neck in the front adds some interest to the piece. In addition, the back is interesting with the missing shape and tie up straps.

I decided to piece this with some suede strap up shoes, diamond earrings, and short hair.

How to Wear A Full-Figured Jumpsuit with Confidence featuring Ashley Stewart GaptoothDiva

How to Wear a Full-Figured Jumpsuit with Confidence

I didn’t anticipate the reactions I was going to get when we arrived at the Jefferson hotel in Richmond, Virginia. People were looking left and right at the curvaceous woman with the audacity to wear a fitting full figured jumpsuit.

I was not ashamed. I was actually excited. After putting on the proper foundation underneath, I was able to see my curves better and fully enjoy the Ashley Stewart jumpsuit for what it was.

I couldn’t find the exact jumpsuit because I actually got this one on clearance. However, after researching I thought it would be better to just share a link of Ashley Stewart full-figured jumpsuits. Below you will find a pathway to an assorted amount of plus size jumpsuits, you might like.

Ashley Stewart Full-Figured Jumpsuits

Overall, this was a dope find and I really enjoyed wearing it. I felt confident in it, despite what I thought before buying it. This Ashley Stewart jumpsuit made my day. I love it.

I would love to know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment below to tell me what your favorite jumpsuit looks like. How does it make you feel confident? Sound off below…


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