Influenster Comfort VoxBox Unboxing [WATCH]

Influenster Comfort Voxbox Unboxing by I'esha GaptoothDiva

Influenster Comfort Voxbox Unboxing by I'esha GaptoothDiva

I’m unboxing the new Influenster Comfort Voxbox that features products that are comfort friendly and perfect as the seasons change from summer to fall into winter. I’m excited to review these family friendly products and can’t wait to share these reviews with my audience.

In this Voxbox, you will find Ragu Old world style traditional sauce, and a coupon to share with your friends and family. I also have New Tide Ultra Stain Release FREE and a coupon for additional bottle of that. I also have New Annie’s Homegrown Organic Soup and Fiber Choice Immunity Support fruity Bites to help support overall well-being for the family. Last but not least, Influenster gave me some Fisher Nut Exactly Snack bites that I can’t wait to share with the kids for those movie nights when we love to snack.

Influenster is an awesome program that allows you to try out new products that the whole family would enjoy, as long as you promise to share your reviews with your friends, family, and your social media following. If you want more information about this great program, check out the link below.


Be sure to check my website for more details on products reviews for this program and many more.

Disclosure: I am aware that I had lipstick on my teeth during the beginning of this video. I just did NOT feel like reshooting this unboxing. This is a genuine depiction of what happens when a pregnant woman (who is tired) just does her job without worrying about perfection. Don’t waste your time in the comments bringing it to my attention… because quite frankly… I don’t care. (Kanye shrug) I love you! xoxo

Hair –

Lipstick is Wet & Wild 15minutes Aflame

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