L.A. Colors Pout Lip Gloss Matte Review “Sweet Lips”

L.A. COLORS Sweet Lips Beauty Review by I'esha GaptoothDiva

So while shopping at Family Dollar one day, I noticed this kiosk at the register with budget friendly makeup options. Normally, I would assume that I already had everything in the kiosk (especially because it was Family Dollar), so there would be no need to waste my money. However, I noticed these small .17oz bottles of matte lip gloss by L.A. Colors. I’m familiar with the brand because I’ve used the L.A. Colors HD concealers before and even featured them in several beauty tutorials on my channel.

L.A. COLORS Sweet Lips Beauty Review by I'esha GaptoothDiva

I decided to give the L.A. Colors Pout Matte Lip Gloss a try. After realizing that the price for each bottle was only $1, I figured “what was the harm?” If I didn’t like the lip gloss or the consistency of the matte formula, I wouldn’t be wasting very much money. If I ended up loving this lip gloss, I’ll have another new cosmetic favorite. I decided that whatever happened with my makeup experience, I had to do an L.A. Colors Pout Lip Gloss Matte review for all of you who love a great makeup or beauty product but don’t want to break the bank or waste your coin.

I actually ended up loving this lip gloss product. As a beauty product junkie and a makeup lover, I must have something that stretches the dollar. I can’t keep buying my favorites every other week because a Diva has kids, responsibilities, and other expenses that need my attention. Nevertheless, this Matte Lip Gloss last so long that I often find myself checking more than necessary (because I look cute), making sure my lips are still on point. This brightly pink/fuchsia-hued lip gloss stayed on through meals, rain, kissing, and swimming at the beach. It stays on and stays bright. Although my lips did feel a little dryer after removing the lip gloss than I would like, I didn’t have to worry about peeling and caking throughout the day while wearing it.

L.A. COLORS Sweet Lips Beauty Review by I'esha GaptoothDiva

I also received a lot of compliments on how great it looked by so many people. Even Hubs, who could normally care less, commented how great this particular color looked on me on several different occasions. The L.A. Colors Pout Matte Lip Gloss was so great, I went back to the Family Dollar store I found it in and purchased three more different colors from this cosmetic brand from the same collection. I will be doing reviews on those Pout Matte Lip Gloss products very soon on my channel as well.

I featured pics from my Instagram page of different occasions where I wore this awesome Lip Gloss and its amazing matte finish. I’m really excited about it, not only because of this amazing color but also the price. How often can you find a great matte lip color that last long, stays vibrant, and looks great for only $1? I struck gold people, and I’m not afraid to say it. Going to pick up some more bottles of this specific color “Sweet Lips” again, I can’t run out… it’s that dope.

Watch the video below of the review I posted on my YouTube channel and tell me what you think.

L.A. Colors Pout Lip Gloss Matte Review “Sweet Lips”

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Are you a fan of this cheap (Budget friendly) matte lip gloss?

If so what’s your favorite color from the collection?

I can’t wait to try out some more shades, so any suggestions would be more than welcomed.

I DID NOT receive compensation for writing this post on behalf of L.A. Colors.  All opinions are 100% my own. 
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