Looking for Girl Power? Women Empowering Women and Dishing Out Scholarships in #RVA

Women Empowering Women, Diamonds in The Rough Featured on GaptoothDiva.com

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to make it to the exquisite and lovely Pamper Me Pretty Expo, courtesy of Diamonds In the Rough Women Empowering Women Group. This event was all about the women (and a few men) who want to network and connect with the areas local businesses and other like-minded females all looking for happiness, support, and a valid sisterhood they can all be apart of. I was blown away at the vendors because this was no ordinary situation. The caliber of small business vendors and proprietors far exceeded my expectations and I was more intrigued to find out about this group.

Women Empowering Women, Diamonds in The Rough Featured on GaptoothDiva.comI spoke with Galanda Shaw, president and CEO of WEW Diamonds in a Rough and she provided me with a plethora of information to pass along to you. She stated that she was inspired to start the group after having a few bumps in the road from her own past, thinking that at the time she needed the same support and comfort that she aims to provide through this group. It’s more often then I would like to count, that I think about not having that solid sisterhood foundation of women that will empower each other and themselves, so it was refreshing to hear that she has found an outlet for us to do just that. She also stated that because she sees positive things coming down the road for the group, she also feels that it’s important for the WEW group to give back to the community through volunteer work and mentoring as well. Selfless acts like these are what set the typical social groups apart from Women Empowering Women Diamonds in the Rough. I can’t wait to check out more in the future.

As excited as I was to hear about this group, I was more excited to share their information with you. They are currently providing a scholarship every month (I believe) for a lucky potential member to either attend an accredited school or finish a degree program at an accredited school. The stipulations were simple based on our conversation and the website. This current one ends on November 30, 2011. I think a couple of you should jump right on it (just saying), because who do you know is giving out money for you to go to school just like that? I’ll wait…. LOL. For more information on the scholarship opportunity, email WEW Second Chance Scholarship Program – Contact: Meylnda Noel (melyndanoel@cs.com) or Lois William (lois.williams@hcahealthcare.com)

Their mission is wonderful, “… to stimulate empowerment in women to live to their fullest potential”.

Their vision is to see women unified and empowered by sharing the belief that they hold the power to create and shape how they live and grow as individuals, all the while encouraging them to release their brilliance back to the universe

Women Empowering Women, Diamonds in The Rough Featured on GaptoothDiva.comIf you were thinking like I was, that we work so hard to stay above water that sometimes we forget to nurture our bonds with other women and personally motivate each other to succeed, then this groups sounds like a great fit for you. Don’t feel apprehensive from what I saw, there is a diverse palette of fun, mature, and ambitious women for you to meet. I’m sure you won’t have to worry about finding common interest with anyone of the group members. You’ll find you are in a room of sisters.

Check them out more at http://www.wewrichmond.org

Women Empowering Women ~Diamonds In the Rough~

P.O. Box 71163 Henrico, VA 23255

Email: wewdiamonds@yahoo.com

(804) 380-6997

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