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I had the wonderful pleasure of chatting with Dr. Charles Dean, a man that has earned his place among the best in his field by delivering an affluent message that helps people in their everyday family, personal and marital relationships.

Charles Dean is an expert in love and relationships for over 20 years. He believes that family and healthy relationships are important to our lives. He believes his father and mother set the example of healthy relationships, by holding hands and being intimate with one another. One example he gives, is that his parents never argued in front of Charles Dean and his siblings. They were mindful of their tone in front of their children and connected together as a couple. Although his upbringing sounds close to perfection, he admits that it wasn’t perfect. His parents met at a disco club. Once his mother got involved in the church, she was able to bring her husband to the word of God as well. His parents were an example to him of how a woman should be a helper to her husband and a husband should love his wife, making that commitment to step outside of what they have always knew and raise their children in God’s principles.

His mission is about dedicating his life to helping God’s people gain a clear understanding of how to maintain healthy relationships.

Quoted from his bio, we were inspired to speak with Dr. Charles Dean because “although practical assistance is provided on many levels, the purpose of Dr. Dean’s teaching is simply to bring glory to God by freeing His people from relationship bondage, so that they may serve him to their utmost.”

Listen to our full interview as we discuss healthy relationships, forgiveness, and much more. Below are quotes from our conversation.


Dr. Charles Dean Relationship Advice:

“Include God in not only your relationships but also in the foundation of your family. As you develop your life in God, understand what your root problems are.”

“Ask God for help. Ask God to help you with specific things in your life and in relationships. What are the core things you are looking for?”

“People need intervention with themselves. What are your dating habits? Figure out why you keep making the same decisions and going after the same person. Determine what your pattern is, make a decision to get out and seek counseling.”

“You can change yourself to be a better person!”

“Step outside of your normal circle. If you are the one person with all the answers, who do you go to for answers?”

“Be honest with yourself!”

“No one can fix you, you have to fix you”

“You can’t start a relationship with baggage, issues, and unhealed wounds, because you will bring all of that into your new relationships whether you know it or not.”

“Get healed before entering into new relationships”

“You have to be happy with yourself, before you can have a successful relationship with someone else”

“Change is hard for a lot of people. It makes us comfortable to stay where we are. When we see abusive relationships and then see love-making and laughter, you believe that this is what a healthy relationship consist of”

“You have to learn to let go and leave old wounds alone. Learning to forgive relinquishes you from that hurt. You have to move forward and have the new. Don’t talk about it anymore or entertain that past hurt. Release it and keep going.”

“Remind yourself that you are not the person from yesterday. You have to let it go”

“A bully does things because of their self-esteem or lack thereof. The bully is trying to let you know that I have self-esteem problems, but I hurt to cover up my issues with myself”

“People will see you 15 t 20 years from now and try to remind you of the person you used to be. They were never a friend. No need to catch up with people from the past, just because we encounter them in the present.”

“We don’t need to connect with people from the past if they did nothing but bring negativity to our lives in the past. We don’t need to rekindle or spark old relationships that aren’t healthy, just because you’ve changed.”

“Get to the root and core of the problem. Don’t just go with the symptoms. Find out what your issues are, seek counseling or mentoring. What is the “why” behind your actions and your patterns?”

The thing that separates Dr. Charles Dean from many others, is his persistence to get to the core/root issue behind our behavior patterns. His encouragement is knowing what got you to this place, to avoid becoming a bitter person. He words, “it starts with you!”

Be sure to check him out at his official website –

On his website, he offers a free 15 minute phone consultation and his free download that show how to keep the passion alive in marriage and relationships.

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