Making Memories That’ll Stick with Picstick Because Our Family Photos Are Just That Cool

I would be the first mom and social media junkie to admit that since Facebook, Instagram, and my Smartphone came into my life, it’s getting harder and harder to remember to print out my family pictures. Tons of photo albums lay across my living room shelves, most with many empty pages. Going to the photo department hasn’t been a priority on my list, and I know how bad that must sound. I capture memories all the time. Some memories are of my two beautiful children and of my husband, but once I share it with my family and friends on social media, that’s it. The memories live inside of my account, available to me in my handheld device in the event someone wants to see them.

Then came along a wonderful and cool service brought to me by Picstick. Picstick allows me the opportunity to transform my favorite pictures into beautiful photo magnets that I can dress my refrigerator up with. Now when people come over, they can see all my wonderful memories that I normally hold hostage in my Instagram, right on my refrigerator door.

Making Memories That’ll Stick with Picstick Because Our Family Photos Are Just That Cool

All I have to do is upload my photos from your computer, phone, Facebook or Dropbox and have them printed as glossy magnetic pictures. The pictures are then transformed into amazing magnets that are also perfect for photo gifts. Picstick ships worldwide for free, so it’s also very cost effective as well, for those of us who are always on a tight budget.

I started by choosing the 9 photos I wanted to display on my refrigerator. I chose to use pictures out of my Instagram account, which was very easy to do. Once I made my selection, I saved the pictures to my basket and proceeded to checkout. No fuss, no complicated programs or software to install at all.

When I received my pictures they were attached on 200gsm art board to give them a high quality and durable finish. Each individual photo magnet is 50x65mm and 0.75mm thick. They are small and not heavy or bulky at all. I wouldn’t let my kids play with these, however. Although PicSticks indicated these magnets are tough and child-friendly, I wouldn’t want to risk messing them up or damaging them with drool or rips. I was able to easily separate each sheet of 9 photo magnets by tearing along the perforated edges or bending and snapping them off.

Each sheet of 9 photo magnets costs $14.99 and no matter where you want to have them delivered, you pay one flat shipping rate. That shipping rate is… Nothing. That’s right, Picsticks ships worldwide for FREE. Once ordered, you should receive your magnets within 5-10 days (if you live in the USA).

I love it! It was really cool to see my photos transformed into art that I could post to my refrigerator for my whole family to enjoy, the kids can use these magnets to post their school work and pictures, and my houseguest can see our family smiles while raiding my fridge. It’s a win for everyone!

Making Memories That’ll Stick with Picstick Because Our Family Photos Are Just That Cool

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Also, as a wonderful gift to all of my readers, Picstick is offering a personalized 25% discount code: DIVA25 to use on your purchase. Try it out and enjoy getting your Instagram or your Facebook photos on your refrigerator or office. It’s really dope, trust me.

What Pictures Will You Be Posting with Picsticks?


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