How to Get Out of A Mental Health Rut and Be Happy | Easter 2017 Family Vlog

How to Get Out Of A Mental Health rut - Easter family vlog

In this video, I talk about getting over a mental health rut and being happy by spending time with my family for Easter vacation at Virginia Beach.

We decided as a family to come together and rent some rooms in Virginia Beach for the Easter weekend.  Prior to the weekend, I was going through a bout of depression and a mental health rut.

I asked my family to help me get out of it and find my happiness.

We spend the weekend enjoy the Atlantic Ave strip, good food, wine, and lots of laughter.

Apart of self-care is finding those things you enjoy doing and falling back into enjoying them more by being productive. Mental illness can pull you away from the things you normally enjoy.

Spending time with my family is one of those things that helps forget about my mental illness, and gets me back on track to living and being happy.

Watching the sunrise on the next day, was a powerful experience. It was majestic. It was important for me to see the sunrise on Easter Sunday. That tranquil moment helped me feel better about life and my overall mental health.

We went to the pool and to the beach at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, which was beautiful and exciting for not just me, but for the kids as well.

Swimming is one of those things I used to enjoy before being diagnosed, and it was important for me to take the time to enjoy swimming again.

I realized that I’m not my diagnosis. I’m overcoming it all. I’m being intentional about finding happiness.

Check out my tips to overcoming depression, a mental health rut, and becoming the productive and happy person you really are.

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