I have a passion for supporting other moms and entrepreneurs on amazing opportunities to improve their mental wellness, reach their profit goals, and develop a better quality of life both personally and professionally.


The pressure of mental health challenges, stress, and/or depression isn’t the end of your story. It is my mission to support those struggling with mental health & entrepreneurship utilizing my skills, knowledge, and passion for overcoming the stigma associated with such challenges.


Through research, services, and resources, I plan to coach millennial moms & entrepreneurs to develop creative and strategic plans towards a progressive work/life balance, innovative income generating opportunities, and incredible mental health & wellness.


Not playing your part can further perpetuate the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness. That stigma discourages individuals with mental health challenges from seeking adequate care and mental health treatment, thus improving their quality of life. How does this affect you?


There are millions of people challenged with mental illness during any given year. Those of whom you may already know. Relatives, friends, coworkers, community leaders, and professionals live silently with mental health challenges daily that impact their personal life and the lives of everyone else around them.

Everyone is impacted by mental health, regardless of their race, gender, age, religious beliefs, or cultural background. It’s extremely important that we each play a role in educating ourselves and others about the importance of mental wellness and mental health treatment.

Poor mental health can impact social engagement, business profits, education, parenting, personal care & hygiene, public & personal safety, income, relationships, community involvement, and both self-improvement and professional development.


Your advocacy efforts can help improve mental health research and medical advancements beyond the local level.


Educate our communities about the myths, facts, and stigmas associated with those with mental illness and mental health disorders.


Inspire those affected towards playing a leadership role in their own mental health treatment while working towards mental health stability and a healthier lifestyle.


Collaborations with local and national organizations that advocate for people with mental illness and mental health disorders, can enlighten communities that those with mental health challenges are equal and capable of being productive members of society.


Encourage those personally impacted by mental health challenges by providing them with support and motivation. Through education about their condition, those affected can feel more comfortable finding comprehensive and holistic treatments for optimal mental health recovery.


Reduce stigma by educating family, friends, coworkers, and the community on mental health illness and mental health disorders


Write letters to political representatives (members of Congress, such as governors, senators, and mayors) to educate them about mental illness or to offer your opinion on certain policies. Also, vote for elected officials who support your values when it comes to mental health.


Join your local chapter of NAMI or Mental Health America, attend conferences and seminars, participate in support groups, attend marches and protest in support of mental health advocacy, and/or provide peer support or mental health counseling.


Educate yourself and be informed about the latest mental health policies and how they impact the community as a whole.