7 Myths About Mental Illness That Kill Your Growth

I'esha GaptoothDiva Mental Health Advocate

It’s pretty hard for some of us to admit something to others or even to ourselves when there is so much stigma attached to it. When it comes to my mental health, there really wasn’t a difference.

It was important for me to stop believing the myth of mental illness in order to overcome the illness. When I realized that my psychiatric condition doesn’t have to limit me, I decided to help other see the same potential while dealing with a mental illness.

Helping discredit the myth associated with mental illness is a great way to advocate behavioral health and mental health. Talking about mental health in schools or working in mental health are other ways to remove the stigma these myths can instigate.


7 Myths about Mental Illness That Kill Your Growth

Tips to debunk these myths and advocate for mental health…


Seeing a Therapist Will Mean I’m Crazy

You can find great results working with a mental health counselor to develop a strategy towards wellness and recovery. Specifically follow the plan that you and your mental health professionals put into place. Mental health treatment is meant to improve your life and alleviate the struggles involved, sticking to the plan is effective for you.


It’s Easy to Get over Depression

Mental illness is not a choice. It’s not something you can just “get over” or “deal with” casually. You have to intentionally work towards recovery and positive health.


I’ve Failed If I Have to go to the Hospital

There is nothing wrong with mental health facilities or hospitals. It is a place you can take a break from the world, regulate any medications you may be on, and learn more about your treatment. Times have extremely changed from the mental asylums of the past.

Learn to develop a mental health plan to keep you focused on recovery and a stable lifestyle while taking time for self-care.


There is Nothing Wrong with Me, It Just Runs in the Family

Stigma keeps those who need to seek treatment from admitting that they need help with mental health, by making it easier for them to deny it.


Admitting I have a Mental Illness Is Admitting I’m Not Capable

Dealing with depression and health doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot be productive, hard-working, or dependable. Your actions speak louder than your words, but let no one make you feel like you can’t accomplish large or small tasks.


I Don’t Have the Right Connections to Get the Help I Need

Take the time to research what is mental health services and how you can take part in improving your own life.

Find out about the health and wellness services that available to you through your insurance or Medicaid.


I Have So Many Other Things to Worry About Besides My Mental Health

Your psychological health should be a priority. The most important aspect of life is strong mental health.

Research local mental health programs that you can get involved in and gain resources from.

Find ways to advocate mental health through volunteer work, peer support, or simply sharing your own story.


I'esha GaptoothDiva Mental Health Advocate

What Do I Do If I Have A Mental Illness?

Now that I’ve pointed out the myths associated with mental illness and mental health treatment, I hope you can understand why it’s important that we advocate. I’m a person with lived experience and I believed many of these claims myself, not having the resources to learn more or a mentor to teach me.

Living with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and major Depression, I had to learn to focus on my recovery and how to live a stable and healthy lifestyle, despite the challenges that come with mental illness.

Because the obstacles were so hard, I decided to advocate for others struggling with similar issues in the mental health journey. Self-advocacy can also inspire others.

Consider the following resources to help you get started on your journey towards self-advocacy and mental health advocacy:

(NAMI) National Alliance on Mental Illness – http://www.Nami.org

(MHA) Mental Health America – http://www.MHA.org

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