How to Overcome Postpartum Depression in 6 weeks

How to Overcome the Challenge of Post-Partum Depression

Talking about going through the challenge of postpartum depression as a black woman and mother of three. It’s not easy talking about depression, mental illness or your personal struggles. Being that vulnerable, especially after giving birth could definitely leave you open for hurtful comments and opinions. However, I know that I”m not alone and there are women out there who have or are struggling with postpartum symptoms and pain. This is my testimony on how postpartum depression (PPD) has affected my life and how I’m beating it.

During one of the most challenging  times of my life, there were so many people who just weren’t compassionate about the fact that I had just given birth. I had a few individuals who were rude to me for  reasons such as length of time I plan to breastfeed or what I decided to name my son. I snapped a few times, I’m not even going to lie. It’s tough when people don’t understand the emotional toll that pregnancy alone takes on a woman. Then God-forbid you have difficulties such health issues, depression, or anxiety during that nine months of waiting on your baby.

I had the misfortune of enduring both, on top of issues during the actual delivery that put me in a very dark space upon coming home from the hospital. My only mission from the moment we were discharged was to figure out how to overcome postpartum depression.

how to overcome postpartum depression

I wish when I was struggling with postpartum depression back in 2012, after having my son Dash, I had half of the information, knowledge, and resources that I have now. I wish I had this much support and understanding how to employ self-care and common sense to getting better rather soon than later.

Although my struggles with trying to find out how to overcome postpartum depression make me qualified to talk about it now, I would have dodged so much inconvenience if I sought help and  treatment for my depression (whether prenatal or postpartum) back then. It’s a serious issue for so many, however, we don’t talk about it enough. There was a time when you were supposed to feel ashamed for having negative mental health  at any time in your life, especially after giving birth.

This time around, I refused to feel ashamed about my depression. Instead, I opted to face the challenge of postpartum depression rather than run from the truth. I know I’m not the only woman who knows the toll this can take on a mother, an entrepreneur, and a wife. The biggest mistake I could make would be to overlook the inevitable and not face it head on. I contacted my doctors at the first sign of symptoms, letting them know I will not return to that horrible emotional place again without a fight.

I developed a plan to ensure that I wasn’t a victim again and I figured out how to how to overcome postpartum depression, including receiving medication and therapy. Despite it being something that pulled me right out of my comfort zone, it helped and I’m working towards happier as we speak. I realized that I could have used a comforting realistic point of view in my corner for support during that time in my pregnancy.

It dawned on me that this was probably the reason I was struggling so much. I was going through the most, with no help in my sight, but you don’t have to. You can nip it all in the bud before it even becomes an issue by researching resources that can help you overcome depression before it tears your world apart. I would love to be considered one of those people who can help you.


Virginia Women’s Center
Postpartum Support Virginia
Postpartum Progress

I wrote down my goals to keep me from holding myself back & not learning how to overcome postpartum depression. That sounds crazy but you don’t realize hot you use being a mother as an excuse to ignore your own personal health, in order to become the caregiver that God hired you to be. I made a list of things I had to do to remind myself to care for self more regularly. It started to grow into a journal, that developed into something even more. However, starting off with these goals on my list, I realized something truly amazing comes from our struggles and it’s a blessing. I can’t wait to share the awesomeness that something as crazy as postpartum depression can bring when you attack your obstacles head on.

On My List

If you don’t look good, you tend not to feel good. Get Looking good, “good lookin'”!

Get some sunshine daily,  go outside more often because depression is deficient in Vitamin D

Drink Lots of Water – Flush that negative out

You deserve a “Me” Day, even when you’re not pregnant. You need a standing appointment for YOU

Do what makes you happy without looking up for at least 2 hours a day, every single day. That craft that God gifted you with, needs as much attention as you.

Help/serve others the best way you can using your gifts and resources

Be transparent at all times

Workout, sweat it out and get physical


Dance & make love more often

Eat healthier foods and stop poisoning myself with “comfort foods”

& Laugh no matter what


how to overcome postpartum depression
If at any time you feel like you may want to harm yourself or others, please take yourself or have yourself taken to the emergency room asap. Don’t self-medicate or harm yourself, that is never the answer.

I believe that prayer, meditation, hard work & dedication will result in a solution eventually.

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