Premiere Episode of The GaptoothDiva Show – Celebrating Individuality, Curves and Flaws

The GaptoothDiva show First Episode - celebrating individuality, curves, and flaws October 2nd 2013

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of debuting my new show on Comcast Public Access TV (Channel 95 Comcast/Verizon 36). This show is taking my movement of inspiration, creative motivation, and flawsomeness straight to your homes directly. This is a local program, but thankfully due to modern technology, we have made it available on YouTube the very next day. Executive Produced by Joe’I Chancellor of the Network Grind, I’m excited to air every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST.

Let me know what you think about the very first episode and make sure you tune in for the first season of The GaptoothDiva Show.

For more information on being a guest or connecting with me or my team, be sure to email me directly.

Episode 1 – Celebrating Individuality, Curves, and Flaws ft. Andrea Bennett (P.H.A.T. Divas Modeling Agency) and Female Impersonator & Hair Stylist Fennix Baldwin aka Mario Lee

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Also be sure to check out this hilarious commercial I created for “GaptoothDiva’s Smack Right”

I'esha Hornes

Author, Lifestyle Blogger, Model, & Vintage/Thrift Stylist. Motivating unique individuals to love their flaws and still rock an awesome life. Through Fashion, Culture, Entertainment, and Personal Experience, I love to inspire others & make people laugh. Mother of two awesome superheroes, wife to Mr. Incredible, & a mentor to those looking to learn to love themselves. I am the Baddest Creative Motivation!

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