President Barack Obama Wins 2nd Term, 4 Ways to Ensure Victories like Our POTUS

GaptoothDiva Discusses how we can be inspired by four more years of President Barack Obama

Like everyone else in the country, I was glued to the television watching every minute of this election. As Barack said in his victory speech early this morning in Chicago, “I have never been more hopeful about America”. I patiently waited for results indicating that we will be giving another four years to turn everything around. Excited, I tweeted with friends and supporters, who all wanted so desperately for Obama to take home another win.

Obama did win, solidifying the fact that when people come together with the right intentions, when the truth is revealed, and when you’re about the people; change can be made. Although this election wasn’t has riveting as the election in 2008, you could still sense the passion from the people to keep a good man in the White House for four more years.

We all have businesses and projects that we’re working on, in attempts to make changes and positive progression in our communities. Whether you’re a Blogger, event promoter, non-profit organization, or just an advocate/philanthropist, there are qualities that the Obama campaign possessed that we all can put into our own efforts. Below I share what I witnessed from the Presidential victory that could assist, even the most up & coming individuals to be victorious in their specific niche.

Give the People What They Want

Do you listen to your customers and your audience? What about your business or services do they love the most? Which aspects do they like the least? By paying attention to the needs of the people that you want as customers and patrons, you ensure that your business is successful. Barack Obama heard us loud and clear, as we discussed our displeasure with his first political debate with Mitt Romney. We wanted passion and flare, something that Barack wasn’t able to provide initially in the debates (mostly because it was scheduled during his anniversary with Michelle Obama, understandable), however despite the small backlash, he came harder and more assertive every appearance afterwards. The President showed us that he does listen and pay attention to his people. Therefore, if you hear some complaints about your services or events, even from someone you never considered to be a huge voice in your industry, it’s probably time to start paying attention. Success is not only about how much cash is rolling in, it’s about being that trusted source that people know will cater to their needs.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call Out The B.S.

We know who lied and exaggerated issues to get what they wanted. It was no secret that the Romney campaign avoided many of the truths that were behind the scenes, and that they focused more on trying to make us question our loyalty to Obama. However, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were relentless in debunking those myths and questioning their logic. When things don’t add up and businesses seem shady, don’t shy away from putting the truth in the forefront. It’s imperative that we keep it real and we shed light on those that decide that they can’t. Success is also about having the trust of the people who rely on you to provide a service. If they can’t trust you to be honest and fair, then you’re hustling hard-working people for your own selfish gain. Business is Business, but like those poor people who built the stage for Romney and were fired soon after, no one wants to be bamboozled and hoodwinked for the sake of a dollar. Share company progress and shortcomings, be honest about your competitions shady dealings, and always trust that if you’re genuine in your own efforts that your supporters will be genuine in theirs.

Don’t Sh*t on the Little People

You may already be a successful promoter or business, bringing in substantial revenue and generating a lot of buzz. However, what are you doing to give back the blessings to the community that supports you? Romney made the huge mistake of disregarding a large population of people that could have been ready to vote for him. However, in the dark where he assumed no one would hear he decided to stereotype and disparage a group of folks just trying to survive. Obama points out that he is President to ALL of us, not just a small portion. When you disrespect your own people, choosing to demean their personal efforts and say that you’re on a higher/better level, your arrogance will set you back. People want to support something that inspires them, which makes them want to be better individuals or represents a lifestyle that they desire. Supporters aren’t into the idea of feeling less than someone who is providing them a service. Give back to the community, make your supporters feel appreciated and ensure that their money or time that they give you for your service or event will come back to them through your efforts and hard work in a positive way.

Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop

Both campaigns were relentless in their efforts to attract key battle ground states. They traveled a lot and made various stops (sometimes to the same place more than once) to get their message out to the public. Even through the devastation that occurred in New Jersey and New York because of Hurricane Sandy, Obama showed his compassion and empathy all the while still campaigning and educating voters. Life keeps going no matter how successful we are or plan to be. Giving up is not an option. Polls reflected a close race, and often it seemed like too much to handle. Nevertheless, no matter if you’re ahead or behind, if you’re popular or just putting your name out there, there is no time to rest on your laurels. Give it all you’ve got everyday of your life. Don’t stop! The competition may say awful things behind your back, supporters may seem as if they’re not as fired up about you as they once were, but you still have to sustain and continue to build on your dream. They’ll be distractions and some mistakes, none of these should be a catalyst to throw in the towel. When you deliver the best you have inside at every turn and obstacle, you will undoubtedly be on your way to success in the fast lane.

I’m excited about our future, as a country and as individuals who desire to make a difference. Obama is simply an example of how dedication and a genuine love for the people you work for, will always-equal greatness in the end. Once thought of as the underdog, Obama has proven that no matter who you are, if you believe enough and work extremely hard at your goals, anyone can make their dreams come true. Let’s continue to support him and continue to go as hard as we can in our prospective industries. Let’s promise that the moves we make will be beneficial to the public we serve. God Bless and let’s celebrate!

If you missed the victory speech, you can watch it here…

Barack Obama’s Victory Speech 

At a rally on Wednesday in his hometown of Chicago, Barack Obama delivers a victory speech after being re-elected to serve a second term in the White House. President Obama reaffirms his belief in the strength the United States derives from its diversity and reiterates the need for Washington to work in a bipartisan way

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