Quality Hair Extension Ideas for Every Budget

Quality Hair Extension Ideas for Every Budget

Quality Hair Extension Ideas for Every Budget

For those who are dedicated to having a variety of looks at any time of the year, hair products are not always cheap. It’s important to choose quality products no matter if it’s hairspray or hair extensions. The good news is that making your locks look fuller or longer doesn’t have to break the bank. So whether you’re looking for yourself or for a friend who has been talking nonstop about getting extensions, here are a few holiday hair extension ideas for every budget. 

Ombre Weft and Colored Weaves 

Ombre is quite the trend these days. This style allows longer locks to transition from one color to another. The word ombre is French and means “shading.” This style is most especially affordable and less damaging to natural hair when you use a hair weft. It’s also not too difficult to find a tutorial on applying the weft yourself, saving even more money.

A weave is another way to easily achieve a new, luscious hairstyle without going to a salon. The best results usually include hair that is close to your natural color, although you should feel free to play around with whatever colors appeal to you most. It’s possible to find full wefts and weaves for under two hundred dollars. 

Straight Clip-In Extensions 

If wefts and weaves aren’t your thing, then clip-in extensions from reliable brands such as Hair2Wear can be a great idea. These extensions don’t involve extensive weaving skill. As long as you know how to operate a clip, they’re easy to apply. What’s more, once in place, they can usually be styled just like your natural hair. These options are usually affordable as well, with most options costing well under a hundred dollars. 

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Ponytails and Fringe

When looking to totally change-up a look by adding length for a sweeping ponytail or fringe around the face, clip-in ponytails and fringes are perfect. They don’t involve having to insert extensions and then style your own hair. Just clip in the extensions as directed and you have fringe or a pony ready to go! Just like straight clip-in extensions, these options are usually found for under a hundred dollars.

It’s possible to achieve beautiful, voluminous hair without spending hundreds of dollars at the salon. Many hair extension options are reusable as well, which means the purchase is an investment in a look you should be able to achieve any time. Consider these hair extension ideas that are perfect for almost any budget this holiday season.

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