How to Overcome the Challenge of Post-Partum Depression
How to Overcome Postpartum Depression in 6 weeks

Talking about going through the challenge of postpartum depression as a black woman and mother of three. It's not easy talking about depression, mental illness or your personal struggles. Being that vulnerable, especially after giving birth could definitely leave you open for hurtful comments and...

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30 Awesome Life Lessons That Will Last a Lifetime by I'esha GaptoothDiva
30 Awesome Life Lessons That Will Last A Lifetime

It’s so true that as you get older, you start to realize that some of those so-called discouraging things your elders said ultimately come to pass. You may not necessarily get wiser, but you will be less of what my husband’s grandmother likes to describe...

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How to Deal with Your Depressing Pregnancy Fears

This is supposed to be a time for celebration, happiness, and planning for something precious. No one wants to hear you complain, see you cry, or help you worry less. So how do you deal with your depressing pregnancy fears, when you have nowhere to...

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I'esha gaptoothDiva delivers Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward
How to Overcome Obstacles and Move Forward

In the video I talk about overcoming your obstacles, living through your past, getting rid of everything that is bothering and dealing with life challenges. Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward | GaptoothDiva Advice Own you part in the challenges you face and determine...

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Holiday Blues: How to Survive an Un-Happy Holiday

This year we have seen our fair share of depression and how not talking about it can lead to many questions down the road from people thinking “I wondered what happened and what was going on?” Depression is a serious matter, often brushed under the rug or diagnosed as a phase. Although I advocate whole-heartedly about the value of prayer and faith, for those not easily “fixed” by such rituals, it’s kind of hard to get through depression… especially during the holidays.

For me, the holidays are supposed to represent the family being connected, the birth of Jesus Christ, and settling down to celebrate our gratefulness for the joy, peace, and happiness we received all year. Apparently, I watch too much television. Yes, we all love presents, who doesn’t? However, Christmas isn’t supposed to require that we all buy gifts for every single person in our lives just because there is a special sale going on at XYZ big box store.

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