GaptoothDiva Radio – Interview w/ Creators of Urban Adult Cartoon – Bullyvard, Carlton “Piper” Marshall & David “Devine” Plummer Ft. Special Guest Official Freeze of Charged Up Entertainment Tonight 1/27 at 9pm

As demonstrated by the success of Adult Swim; the adult-oriented cable television network that shares channel space with Cartoon Network, cartoons are not just for kids.. And childhood friends Carlton “Piper” Marshall and David “Divine” Plummer have created ” Bullyvard

GaptoothDiva Radio – How Mentoring and Motivation Moves Young Black Men From Prison to Purposeful Lives. Interview w/ The Authors of Brother to Brother: Motivation for Young African-American Men Tonight 1/11 @ 9pm

brother to brother book cover
Whether or not you believe that there are more black men in prison than in college, depends on who is doing the counting. The truth is, regardless of the amount of men in jail vs. an institution of higher learning, the country could definitely use more mentors who are willing to dedicate their time