The 4 Biggest Myths about Loving Your Natural Curls

The 4 Biggest Myths about Loving Your Natural Curls by GaptoothDiva

The 4 Biggest Myths about Loving Your Natural Curls by GaptoothDiva

I hear a lot of nonsense about natural hair that often times makes me want to grab my nearest soap box and go on a well-intentioned rant. So many people spewing incorrect information and limiting beliefs to others that a designed to keep them from accepting their beautiful naturally curly hair, no matter what official texture it may be. It’s not right and can often lead to many people getting stuck in these limiting ideals, keeping them from shining and living their best life.

Because I’m so sick of the myths that are being shared with so many undeserving individuals, I decided to help in debunking the 4 biggest myths about loving your natural curls. There are awesome missions like the one Dove Hair is spear-heading that encourages people to accept their naturally curly hair, because it ultimately impacts our younger generations. Why not have some myths debunked to aid in facilitating the conversation we all should be having. How do I learn to love my curls?

Below you will find the most common myths and my explanation on why you shouldn’t fall for them, with the help of the amazing #LoveYourCurls app (downloadable at the App store and Google Play) and the mission of Dove Hair.

You Don’t Have “Good” Hair

What exactly is “good” hair? Whether you are a wavy (not quite curly) textures beauty or a full blown 4c natural, you have the most awesome hair especially made for you. In a video by Dove Hair, there were several girls who believed that having straighter hair was far better than the hair that they were born with. It is because of the women in our lives passing down this belief that our girls aren’t appreciating their natural curls for what they truly are, beautiful. “Good” hair is healthy hair, hair that is cared for and maintained. Your texture has nothing to do with how amazing your hair is, even if that’s what generations before you were led to believe.

Dove Love Your Curls | How we can help girls learn to love their curls

Your Natural Hair Isn’t Manageable

All hair is manageable! With modern technology allowing us the opportunity to learn first-hand how to care for our hair through YouTube videos, our professional hair stylist, and through courses/skill shares online, you can learn to maintain your hair properly. Having a different texture of hair doesn’t make it truly easier to care for your hair, when you think about it. So why not accept your hair for what it truly is, and learn to work with what you have. Dove Hair has a whole line of products that are designed to maintain and care for natural curls, which requires more nourishment. The Dove Hair Quench Absolute range is an example of products that aid in helping you embrace the natural beauty of your curly hair and get more nourished, defined, and bouncy curls with every wash. So there are definitely choices available for those looking to make loving their own curls easier and more manageable on a regular basis.

Your Natural Curls Aren’t… Professional, Clean, Appropriate, etc.

It’s not easy to hear so many people reporting that they were fired, disciplined, or held back from opportunities due to their choice to embrace their naturally curly hair. I never considered the idea that our natural curls could be viewed as unprofessional or distracting to others, until I was blown away by some of the ignorant comments I’ve seen online by some people who don’t possess the awesomeness that is curly tresses. I say forget that! Your natural curls are a sign of beauty and the boldness that you were so blessed to be created with. I say rock that curly frock proudly and without trepidation because you’ve earned it. You were born with that incredible head of hair and should never be ashamed of who you are. When more people bring attention to incidents of discrimination due to the lack of understanding when it comes to curly hair and natural looks, we will finally shed light on the fact that society is trying to hold us back from loving our curls. That… we cannot have. Let’s be bold, brilliant and beautiful in our lovely natural curls and shout #LOVEYOURCURLS to every curly-haired beauty you meet.

GaptoothDiva talks about the The 4 Biggest Myths about Loving Your Natural Curls

Your Natural Curls Don’t Fit Beauty Standards

For a while you hardly ever saw curly haired beauties in ad campaigns, on the runway, or even on television as the main character of interest. Nowadays, more and more curly-haired beauties are popping up on and off the screen, pages, and on social media. The pride is in full effect and it’s thanks to the brilliance of supporters like Dove Hair, who recently launched an app where our curly sisters can finally have emojis that represent themselves. So when we communicate via text and on social media, we can now input curly haired versions of ourselves with our messages, a message within a message screaming this is who we are… beautiful! Natural Curls are a standard of beauty, and I won’t ever believe anyone making you believe otherwise. The days are gone where straight hair was the only hair of beauty, and curly-haired mavens had to “tame” their mane to get respect. Now is the curly-haired beauty’s time to shine and love the hair they possess, while sharing some fun and cute emjois to go along with it. It’s not hard to communicate why you should #LOVEYOURCURLS, it just got a whole lot easier!

Dove emoji from 3 Reasons Why You Should Download the Dove Hair Love Your Curls Emojis 

Check out the Dove Hair #LoveYourCurls Emojis App, download it to your device and chat away with the cute emoji and gif that represents you (curly haired beauty) the way they’re supposed to. You can check them out here:

App store:

Google Play:

Note – Dove Love Your Curls Emojis can be used in all text and messenger apps (i.e. iMessage, SMS/text, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc.).

love gaptoothdiva xoxo

So now that we’ve debunked those crazy myths, share with me why you are going to start loving your own curls. Also be sure to contact me on social media and share how you’ve started to #Loveyourcurls based on the myths that we are knocking out of the box. Would love to hear from you!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dove. The opinions and text are all mine.

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