The Truth About Living An Awesome Life

The Truth about Living an Awesome Life with I'esha GaptoothDiva

If you are online most of the time, you see pretty pictures, highlights and positive post from the people you follow day in and day out. No one really wants to share the negative aspects of their life, the struggles, or the fails that their private life can truthfully hold. In this post, I use my life as an example that in order to live an honestly awesome life, you have to accept the bad with the good, and learn from it. I want to talk to you about the truth when it comes to an awesome life, it’s not always pretty but the blessings and lessons from it are always worth it.

The Truth about Living an Awesome Life with I'esha GaptoothDiva

In Due Time

A couple of weeks ago, I found out I was pregnant with my third child. I couldn’t be more excited if I tried, because I’ve been feeling like a little girl was coming into my life soon. As a mother of two boys, I often get a little lonely. No lie. I love my boys, and we always lots of fun together, but when a diva wants to do some hair, play in makeup, or dish out pedicures and girl talk, I don’t have that luxury. I would be lying if I said I didn’t try, especially when they were too young to know the difference, but their Dad always found out and that made for some pretty awkward conversations from time to time. I grew up with sisters, I needed someone I could relate to in the house. LOL. Anyway, we’ve dealt with quite a few losses in our past when it came to pregnancy. It was so difficult, to the point that I was giving up on the idea that I would even have any more children. Between my health, my stress, my excessive weight gain, and my disappointments, I was learning to accept that this might be it. However, God had other plans. When I wasn’t thinking about bearing children, but focused on losing weight, getting healthy, and improving my marriage, I got blessed with a seed. It’s like when you are not even thinking about it, that’s when you get what you ask for. It’s not when you plan and plot, but in God’s time. I realize that now. It’s all in due time, and His timing is the most accurate.

Everyone is NOT Invited

You ever notice that the opportunities you want out of life, the blessings you expect to come, don’t always happen when you want them to? However, do you ever notice who’s around you when those blessings actually do show their pretty faces. I used to think that something was wrong when I would be searching for something great happen, but it wouldn’t. However, when I removed myself from certain people, those blessings would rain down like it’s been waiting on me, and not the other way around. Everyone is not invited to your abundance. That’s the truth, but often times we don’t see it. I remember a couple of months ago getting a call from someone offering me a money-making opportunity. It was something positive and very much what I was looking for professionally. I was so excited and ready to accept, but I had to ask, what took so long. The answer was simple, “I didn’t think it was a good idea because of the company you kept at the time.” I was thrown off, but it wasn’t the first time I heard that. I had recently cut ties with some people who I have long felt weren’t looking out for my best interest, but to hear someone else say that they felt the same, it bothered me. Many opportunities were passing me by, because of who I decided to have on my arm, on my team, and in my personal life. Even this pregnancy, something that I was trying to make happen, wouldn’t happen around those very people. It wasn’t until I removed the people who didn’t serve a purpose, that doors open and my prayers were answered. It sucks that it had to be like that, but that’s the truth. Everyone isn’t meant to go with you in the next level of life. You have to be ok with understanding that what is meant for you is yours, but sometimes you have to remove distractions in order to get it. It’s not about them personally, but about where you want to go and what blessings you want to hold. If you can have faith, cutting those ties might just be the best thing you’ve ever done for your life.

It Takes Time to Heal Broken Heart

No one admits that their heart has been broken anymore. Everyone is always acting so tough, unfazed, and unbothered. I know that in reality, there are quite of few people struggling with secret pains that they hide with their humor, their hard work, and their diligent community activism.  I can’t say that I know how to hide a broken heart, because unlike so many people these days, I still wear mine on my sleeve. So whether it was my struggle with my family, a close friend, or my embarrassment because something I put together didn’t go exactly how I planned, I retreat to solitude to cry that mess out, I’m human. It takes me some time to find my footing after a devastating blow. I dish out motivation and can give the best advice around, but honestly I can be a little hard-headed to my own pick-me-ups. I lose confidence, too. I get anxious, worried, and start to doubt my own abilities, as much as the next person. Because I know this about myself, I often rather be alone then to put that negative attitude on others. Nevertheless, I know that I’m all about living an awesome life and being the best version of who I am. In order to continue to do that, I have to suck it up. It doesn’t mean that I’m completely healed most of the time. It just mean that I have to keep going despite my broken heart and hurt feelings. I realized a while ago, that sometimes people use the fact that you care so damn much, against you. They bet on the fact that their disrespect, lack of compassion, and their downright malicious behavior will hopefully slow you down, and you can’t allow that to happen. As easy as it is to give up, retreat, or put yourself in isolation, life is bigger than that bullsh*t. It’s about more than your hurt feelings. Take as much time as you need, but don’t take too much time. You have work to do and awesomeness to dish out. Your purpose will not wait on the back burner for you to realize that those offenders just weren’t meant to go with you to the next level. Take the time to heal, but don’t sit on the bench too long. You are too awesome for that!

Keeping It Real Is Stress Free

No matter how successful you get or where you are in life, there will always be some people who can’t wait to fling a little dirt about you to bring you back to reality. You can be living on cloud nine, feeling like life is the best it’s ever been. You’re getting blessed, doors are open, and you can’t help but shout how great things are for you and yours. Nevertheless, it’s always those few people who love reminding you about the time your financial situation wasn’t on par, or how you drank a little bit too much and ran your mouth. Someone who used to be a friend sitting there mouth-watering because they can’t hold the fact that they’ve seen you during your personal struggle, heard your secrets, or maybe even threw you a bone when you needed it the most. You can’t worry about that. You know that those struggles made you who you are, molded you and taught you about yourself. You don’t regret it, even if you regret letting those certain people see you like that. However, it’s not something worth keeping you from being your awesome self. They served their purpose, they either supported you or was a listening ear through that challenge, but they have no power over where you go from here. Keep it real! We’ve all been through some storms, that’s the honest truth. I have respect for the person who goes through the storm gracefully, rather than making a fool out of themselves. If your former buddies happen to witness it, then they should understand more than anyone how grace can bring you from a storm, and even use the most unsuspecting people to ensure that it happens. There is no shame in that. You should feel even more blessed. Because somehow and someway, God used a person who would eventually turn out to be your enemy to bless you in a time of need, and they didn’t even know it. Go Ahead! What’s the shame in that? None at all. Keep it real.

You are not perfect, no matter how motivating you are. You may have a great business, accolades and degrees on the wall, but we all go through something. I know a very intelligent man who is impacting the black community like nothing I’ve ever seen. He’s been featured in magazines, newspapers, and given awards for all of the hard work and changes he’s made, it’s so inspiring and I’m so proud of him. However, many people wouldn’t have known that a few ago, he couldn’t afford food, his lights at home were off, and he was always on the verge of getting evicted. Those obstacles never stopped him from making the incredible impact he has made, and even if some of us had to treat him to lunch every now and then, he still rose from the ashes like a phoenix, getting blessed and inspiring others. That’s an example of an awesome life. Never allowing your personal circumstances affect your ability to do what you were gifted to do. Never allowing the opinions of others dictate how you serve the people who need you. That’s real, honest, and authentic. We are no longer blinded and hypnotized by the glitz and glamour, because we aren’t foolish and naïve. It’s the authenticity, which screams my ish isn’t perfect over here, but I’m not too ashamed to at least try. If someone happens to be privy to your truth and chooses to use that against you for any reason, you can’t stop that. You shouldn’t live in fear of being exposed as having struggles, because you know that’s what made you and molded you. Keep it real, authenticity is so stress free.

Glory to God for My Awesome Life

I came a long way. I’ve made my share of mistakes and bad moves. I’ve dealt with a few shady characters and acted like my ish didn’t stink a few times. God has a way of humbling me no matter what I do, so I get mines in the end. Whether I’ve been brought to my knees to the point I couldn’t do nothing but pray and depend on God, or I was blessed in such a phenomenal way that I immediately knew it was nothing but the grace of God that everything could have happened, I’m blessed. My struggles are nothing compared to the amount of times I was saved, rescued, and brought back from a terrible storm, because of my faith. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m alive today, because of my faith. I am able to talk to you and write these words, because I gave up on trying to impress others, gain approval, and be someone that I wasn’t, and developed faith. I give God the glory, because I don’t know how, but He made it possible. So when I share pictures of my family, or I talk about my renewed relationship with my relatives, it’s all God. My life isn’t perfect, but it is awesome. I’m finally happy with the woman I’ve become. I realize everyone doesn’t have that blessing of realizing their own potential and being happy within their own dopeness. I know that I’ve got some incredible kids, a great man, and a family of imperfect people who I’ve learned to love despite their imperfections because that’s the same I expect from them. So, I’m not trying to impress you when I say how awesome my life is. I’m trying to give God the props He deserves, because He made that possible for me. I’m in love with the person I’ve become and how my life turned out, because I remember when I almost stole all of this from myself. I remember when I was blind to this gift called life, and I foolishly attempted to put an end to it all. So I will sing, dance, post and update all day every day to celebrate this awesome life with no shame and no trepidations. I’m grateful and I want you to be grateful as well about the life you have been blessed with. Let’s not ever dull our shines for anyone, be proud of your awesome life.

I'esha GaptoothDiva and Hubs

Me and the Darling Hubs


Overall, you have to be confident in your life. You can’t look to people on television, online, and in the magazine. Don’t compare your beginning to their middle. You have to love the life you have now, if you expect it to be what you truly want it to be. It wasn’t until I appreciated what I had that I was blessed with more, something that I tell people all the time. No! Nothing is perfect. Even now, I need my nails done, my cell phone bill is three days late, and I’m feeling a little insecure about this first trimester bloat, but I’m still freaking amazing. I have issues all the time. But I remember that my life can still be awesome despite all of that, because of my attitude. It’s not about the people around me, the clothes I’m wearing, my finances, or my ability to stunt/flex on anyone. It’s about the choices I make with what I have and how I decided to be a good person inside and out regardless of my circumstances. When the bible says, No weapon formed against you shall prosper…” it didn’t say that weapons wouldn’t be formed against you. It didn’t say that people won’t try to break you down, use your past or your present to defame you. It just said that the mess they use to hurt you (or ish they fling) won’t prosper, won’t win, and won’t kill any blessing already meant for you.

An awesome life is what you make it. The truth is we all are capable of embracing it and accepting something phenomenal, if we look deep and see how blessed we really are. The truth about living an awesome life is, Be real and accept where you are right now. Awards, accolades, accomplishments are great if you can get them. However, if you aren’t the type to go after such forms of validation, then you still have so much to be proud of. You are living in your truth. That to me seems pretty awesome on its own.


love gaptoothdiva xoxo

What Other Truth’s About Living An Awesome Life, Do You Know Of?


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