How to Wear 1 Stylish Thrifted Striped Shirt You’ll Love

It’s the third quarter of 2016 and there are people still wondering how to style the basic pieces that they get from the thrift store. I know that it’s easy to look at a piece and just assume that you throw it with another basic piece, and boom! You have an outfit. However, I would much rather show you how to wear one stylish thrifted shirt multiple stylish and easy ways, than to describe how to wear something one easy way that you’re stuck with. In this post, I’m sharing the four different ways you can style a thrifted striped shirt that you love. My examples, show how to take the thrifted striped shirt and transfer it from work, to play, to a day out with your girls.

How to Wear 1 Stylish Thrifted Striped Shirt You'll Love, all four looks by GaptoothDiva

While you’re out shopping, checking out the simple thrifted t-shirts, blouses, and cotton tops that are fitting is an easy way to revamp and restyle some of your more detailed and intricate pieces that you have. Let’s say that you have a really dope leather skirt or a pair of printed pants that fit impeccably to your curves. Don’t overshadow that piece with an equally unique top, which may take the attention away from your pants/skirt. Try pairing that piece with something simple and thrifted, that alone is cute but when paired with your fly pants or that really great skirt, it really compliments and adds a creative flair to the entire outfit.

Because my weight fluctuates so much lately, especially after having a baby. Getting simple thrifted t-shirts, with limited detail makes it easy to keep some basics in rotation, without worrying about not being able to fit them anymore. Most of the thrifted shirts are stretchy, comfortable, and easy to style with practically anything. Investing in these thrifted options, make it easy to not spend a lot but still maintain a lot of options with your wardrobe. Thrifted shirts like this striped thrifted shirt in this post last long, cost little, and because of the black and white stripes, add interest to most of the bottoms I own.

When you select a simple striped shirt while thrifting, you’re eighty percent finished with an outfit that will slay. Is “slay-able” a word, because it definitely should be, right? I decided to pair the thrifted striped shirt with a pair of thrifted linen pants for a casual day running errands, yellow skinny jeans for a day with the girls, and a thrifted faux leather skirt for a more sophisticated night out. I also paired the striped shirt with a pair of cut-off jean shorts for a day hanging out with my boys. These were all really simple looks, that I feel were vamped up with a single striped t-shirt that I thrifted for less than $5.

Black and White Stripes with Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

I also did an Outfit of the Day Video last year, featuring this thrifted striped shirt. So, you know I love it and put it to great use for the low price that I paid for it. This is a look that I wore out to a day party event. This thrifted plus size look, can be worn multiple ways.

Overall, these four simple outfits are both stylish and affordable options for the millennial mom, who wants to look great but doesn’t want to waste her really unique pieces. By looking for simple, yet interesting thrifted t-shirts with prints, designs, or stripes, you can add something creative to some of the bottoms you already own at home. This is how to 1 thrifted striped shirt, with looks that you will definitely love. There will be other options, that I’ll share you in future post. However, if you have any suggestions or questions about practical outfit ideas for thrifted clothes ad thrift/vintage style, let me know. I would love to help.

I’m providing practical thrift and vintage style and décor tips on my website and on my channel (subscribe), so please check back often for new ideas, tips, and suggestions on maximizing your dollars on sustainable fashion and home décor. If you need help with your personal thrift style or would like to inquire about any of the pieces that I’m wearing or post about, please contact me here, and I’ll love to help you.  Make sure you head to my Instagram page to see more beauty and thrift style pictures.

How to Wear 1 Stylish Thrifted Striped Shirt You'll Love

Which are your favorite looks from this thrifted collection?

What are some of your favorite ways to style thrifted t-shirts?

How to Wear 1 Stylish Thrifted Striped Shirt You'll Love

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