Warning: What Can You Do About Postpartum Belly Fat Right Now

FitGlam Lace Waist Trainer Review by I'esha GaptoothDiva #waisttrainer

After giving birth to Jaxyn Love back in May, I couldn’t wait to see my body after I healed and came back from Maternity leave. It’s one thing to be overweight, but before Jax’s birth, I was severely obese. However, 2 months after he was born, I discovered that I dropped over 45 lbs. in weight. It was amazing!

Unfortunately for the past few weeks, I must have gotten too comfortable and careless with my eating and occasional exercise. I gained approximately 12 lbs. back. The issue has been my belly, the most difficult area to snap back after a C-section childbirth. So in this post, I talk about what you can do about your postpartum belly fat that will help keep the belly off and keep you looking snatched.

FitGlam Lace Waist Trainer Review by I'esha GaptoothDiva #waisttrainer

What Can You Do About Postpartum Belly Fat

Follow these easy tips to help rid yourself of that unwanted postpartum belly fat. Warning these tips will require effort on your part, as no weight loss regimen is completely free of self-care. To eliminate belly fat, you’ll have to be dedicated to seeing the results of a healthy body. This starts with having a mindset committed to weight loss and overall health and wellness.

FitGlam Lace Waist Trainer Review by I'esha GaptoothDiva #waisttrainer

Drink Water

After giving birth, I started breastfeeding for a little while. This was incredibly healthy for the baby, but also great for me. Apparently, breastfeeding helps burn extra calories, the more you do it. It also made me super thirsty, all the time. I started developing the habit of drinking large quantities of water daily. I started drinking about 64 oz. to 128 oz. from a water bottle regularly. Drinking water helped keep the belly fat off, brighten and cleared my skin, and provided me a much-needed boost to my energy.

Put the Bread, Pasta, and Carbs Down

I love me some bread. Since childhood, I can remember eating slices of bread all the time. No one ever told me that the occasional pinch of hot homemade bread and butter or olive oil could make me so thick in the gut, thighs, and butt. Needless to say, I know what time it is now. Cut all the way back on the carbs. Cookies, cakes, bread sticks, and fries are all delicious. However, it doesn’t look as good when you look four months pregnant with belly fat… when you’re not at all.

Sugar isn’t Sweet for Your Shape

I have a huge vice that is so unhealthy, it’s sad. I crave Lemonade flavored Kool-Aid with lots of sugar and ice. It’s so good, but this belly fat likes it more than I do. As soon as I drink a glass, my stomach just drops like there is someone going to jump out. Sugar is a horrible culprit for belly fat, and by indulging often you are the only one guilty for that gut.

I have friends who love candy, cupcakes, and cookies. Although you should treat yourself occasionally, emphasis on occasionally, sugar isn’t an everyday indulgence if you want to rid yourself of unwanted belly fat.

Minimize Stress

The stress hormone Cortisol, is responsible for that pooch. Your belly fat is most likely a big issue due to stress in some way. Minimize stress in your life by taking the time to yourself, practicing healthy self-care, exercising, and meditation.


I can’t believe that I missed the boat on how awesome exercise was prior to having my youngest son. I didn’t mind walking every now and then, but full on exercise workouts on a regular basis have changed my life. I wanted to see this belly fat disappear.

Exercising, and really putting my strength and maximized effort into it, resulted in less belly fat and inches dropping off my waist. No matter how you motivate yourself, cardio and exercise will burn that fat quickly, in addition to eating right and eliminating stress, you will find a flatter stronger core in no time.

Waist Train

Initially, I heard so many horror stories about people who tried waist training to help with weight loss and eliminating belly fat. Nevertheless, I was interested in how it could help with shaping my body, to the type of results that I want to see. Waist training is in no way a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. I decided to incorporate waist training in my efforts, and I loved the results but I also love how it made me look in my clothes after all day wear.

FitGlam Lace Waist Trainer Review by I'esha GaptoothDiva #waisttrainer

I received the Lace Style FitGlam Waist Trainer, courtesy of FitGlam. This lace waist trainer is designed for waist training beginners. It’s more comfortable than the latex version, which compresses more onto your body, and can be worn up to 6 to 8 hours daily. I was never able to wear my latex waist trainer for that long. However, the lace version of the waist trainer is more comfortable and easier to put on independently.

The Lace version of the waist trainer is also great for people who are allergic to latex. Those with allergies, can still address their belly fat issues and see body shaping results if worn correctly.

I also wanted to correct posture, after being pregnant for so long. My body felt a little hunched over for a while, but with the help of the waist trainer, I also rid myself of the hanging kangaroo pouch called belly fat. The lace fabric is more comfortable to wear and offers less compression than latex. If you want, you can wear this waist trainer all day, daily. I had no painful pinches or bunching up like I did with my latex waist trainer.

FitGlam Lace Waist Trainer Review by I'esha GaptoothDiva #waisttrainer

This lace waist trainer has pierced strong elasticity mesh and lace fabric. I found it to be very comfortable. According to the specifications, this product is 100% latex free and has three rows of hooks. It also has 9 spiral steel bones offering more compression for belly fat and more supports for my breast, compared to normal 4 bones.

Although this makes it easier to wear, I’m honestly afraid of how long it will last. The fabric material doesn’t seem as durable as a latex waist trainer. If I didn’t lose the weight, I can foresee this waist trainer ripping at the lace, from constant pulling and normal wear and tear.

Overall, I really like the lace waist trainer for the comfort and ease of snapping this belly back, so I can look and feel amazing. However, I think that the latex version is more effective for actual weight loss and contouring your shape. The lace version of the waist trainer is beautiful in detail and still effective, despite the material not feeling as durable. For now, I wear the lace waist trainer with casual outfits, and my latex waist trainer for intense cardio and working out.

I’m still within my health and weight loss journey, so stay tuned for more details coming soon with results.

If you’re interested in checking out this FitGlam lace #waisttrainer, click here.

FitGlam provided this item free for review, and all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

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